A Vacation from my Problems

If you have never seen What About Bob, you totally need to see it. In it he is prescribed a vacation from his problems, which is exactly what I could use. Not that I have problems necessarily but definitely stress.

The window people are here redoing some of our windows. So it's pretty noisy and there are windows sitting in every room so I keep asking the girls to be careful.

OMG it's almost 4pm!! We were out playing in the garden since we got home from playgroup, I had no idea it was that late.. I guess I better do my homework instead of blog, haha..


All the things you don't really want to do...

I hate it when it comes to a time when everywhere I look there are things to do.. For example, my scrappin stuff is still in boxes due to not having my scrappin desk at our new house.. My Halloween decorations are half way up and the other half is just sitting on my coffee table (taunting me), the darn dishes at lingering in the sink every night, and my bed is always in shambles.

I just want to stay awake and do what needs to be done so tomorrow I can focus on other things. But it's already 11:30, Julius is snoring up in the girls' room and I just don't have the energy to focus...

"So much time, and so little to do.. Strike that... Reverse it." (If you don't know the quote, it's from Willy Wonka, the original.)


My Wild Weekend!

Today is Monday, and a day of resting plus homework :) We have had a crazy weekend so let me just start from the beginning.

Julius took the day off on Friday. I told him I wanted to go to the Pumpkin Patch, and I also needed to buy a dress for the Ms. PI Coronation Ball. He however wanted to go to the Fish Hatchery.. So we went up the Wa side of the gorge and stopped at a few places on the way, then crossed the Bridge of the Gods and went to the dam. The kids had fun and we had a great time seeing Herman, the 10 ft. long Sturgeon. WOW!

On the trip back we decided we were hungry so I suggested we go to the outlet mall in Troutdale, and we could eat and I could look for a dress. We had subway and I was unsuccessful at finding a dress :(

Afterwards, we drove to the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch which was quite a ways with traffic. It was already 5pm and we had to be somewhere at 6pm. So I was worried we wouldn't have time to play at the patch. But we had a great time, and thank goodness they are open until 11pm. We petted all the animals and spent some time in the hay maze, then Julius put the girls in a big wagon and pulled them through the patch until we found the perfect pumpkins, five of them. And we bought some corn, apples, cabbage, and indian corn.. and $22 later we were happily on our way.

Our next stop was the Fil-Am building in Portland. I have been selling Ms. Philippines tickets for 5 months now, and got third place (called Mrs. Visayas). So we had rehearsal, and although we were an hour late we still had time to do what needed to be done and eat their food. We finally got home and went to bed around 11pm.

Saturday morning we got up and went to a dress shop that the #1 Ms. Philippines told me about. It was on Sandy Blvd. and we all met up and I picked out my dress. They were all paniced that I waited until the day of the ball. But the lady who worked there assured me in her extreamly broken english that she could make it big enough to fit me and would have it done by 3 pm. (Thank goodness).

We then drove back to Vanc. and got Julius' hair cut, then out of 192nd to buy some shoes to go with the dress (I totally forgot shoes..) found some on clearance that were super comfy, and it was BOGO so Alexa got a new pair of flats too.

Once we had the shoes all picked out it was on to get my hair cut and styled. That went well and while I was in there Julius went to my Aunts and picked up my wedding dress with my extreamly amazing undergarmets. When he picked me up it was just after 3pm, so we raced to the dress shop where I put on the gravity defying, sinch you up like a barbie unmentionables and tried on my dress.. Then the lady said, "oh, you so skinny now.. beautiful.." then she had to take the dress in. But I came out with a nice dress that fit good and I liked it.

By now it was about 5pm, (we were supposed to be at the hotel by now..) so we bought Burgerville and took the girls to my Aunts house and came back to our house where Julius and I ate. Then he ironed his clothes and took a shower, while I put my face on and squeezed my hiney into my dress.

We walked out of the house at 6pm and drove like lightening back to Airport Way where the dinner was being held. We got there in time to eat, but we had just ate so we weren't really hungry.

By the time the night was over I couldn't wait to get my unmentionabled off and breathe again. So we picked up the girls around 11:30 and came home and went to bed.

Sunday I took the girls to return the dress (I had just rented it because I knew I would never wear it again.) Then we went to my Aunts house and picked up their winter clothes, and their bicycles. Once we got home I was going to go to the Fred's but I was tired so I took a nap instead. By the time I got up, it was time to eat and go to bed again..

So I am glad it's Monday and that whole thing is done with :) Now it's on to our next big adventure..

Here are some photos from the Ms. Philippines Ball, I cannot find the camera adapter to get the photos from the fish hatchery and pumpkin patch (I tried to put the memory card in the reader but it was too small and I then had to dig it out because it was stuck..) So next time I will post some photos of that.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well, the weather sure was awesome :)


When you want to have a mental breakdown..

I've come to terms that I am in desperate need of a mental breakdown.. the body wants it, the mind wants it.. I just need a time to shut down and reboot my mental system..

But I don't have that time. I'm starting to feel like a computer that is never shut down and has so much in it's processor that it's hard to work on anything new.

Called the Vanc Clinic today, to ask for an adjustment on my $3,200 bill.. After many rounds of questioning she said, "Well I can get it down to $600 a month." (Like I have an EXTRA $600 a month). I wanted to cry.. Then she said reluctantly that I can possibly get 10% off due to my low income, but my income isn't low enough so I might not qualify. So her next suggestion *this is great* "Why don't you put it on a credit card." WTF?!?! How does that help me? Then I have the $3200 PLUS 19.99% interest?!?

I am really at the end of my rope.. Plus my old apartment is still insisting that I pay the $850 for October rent.. It's a financial crisis here people... and I need a mental breakdown!!


Something a little more interesting...

It has came to my attention that my blog is making people 'tired'. I don't blame you, it makes me tired too!

So I thought I would spice things up for tonight, since the kids and Julius are asleep and I don't have to get up in the morning :)

Here is a link to a guy name named Stephen Lynch. Please go there and enjoy his songs, one is called Special Fred, and the other is You Caught Me Spankin' It (not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for my brother..) So ENTER at your own risk :) Have fun.

Note: I have searched and searched and I cannot find the Spankin it song anywhere online!! If anyone comes across it in their journey into Stephen Lynch land, please post it in a reply box, it is a super funny song. However not politically or morally correct...


October 13!! The month is half way gone?!?!

I don't know where all my time has been going but the days are just flying by. I have only 2 more months of school and I couldn't be gladder (I don't think that is a word). I absolutely detest my English class/teacher. It's so tedious and she has so many assignments, it's like she thinks we have nothing better to do than to write memos and letters and proposals all for her to grade with a vengeance. So far I have 30/50 and 39/50... it's not looking good for me. The lady who sits next to me is awesome, she is the only reason I even attend that class. She is so down to earth and she writes really well and creatively but even her best grade is 47/50, so we laugh about how our work would be top-dollar in any corporation but the possessed teacher doesn't think so. Plus she doesn't believe in paying for parking either so that gives us something else to rant about. We even sit in the front row, whatever happened to preferential grading for those who sit up front?!?!

I hope I never have to take another English course like this one. I've never been good at English in the first place, but this lady is out of control! She even down graded me because I put two spaces after each period. Get a grip lady!

My other classes are not so bad, not that I am getting A's, which I totally wish I was. I just don't have the extra time to put the needed effort into each class. It literally takes A TON of time to do everything up to perfect standards and prepare for tests and such. And to be honest, it's just not on the top of my "to-do" list. I love my kids more than school and I want to be there for them, not shouting about my homework or "be quiet" or "mommy's busy" type of thing.

So maybe I shouldn't have went to school yet, I know there are people out there who want it more than I do at this point in time. But Julius said I needed to go, so here I am. I told him that next semester I only want two classes. I am sure I will end up with three, but it's just so taxing on your mind and patience. And I feel I could get better grades if I just have two courses, even if they are harder.

Which brings me to my advising appointment, I have two holds on my classes. One is the required timed writing that every student has to do (god, more writing.. someone shoot me). The other is my needed transcript from my CC in Hawaii.. which would not release my transcript until I payed my library fine. So I called to find out how much I owe... TWO DOLLARS, they are so stingy that they wouldn't let two dollars slide from back in 2003!!! My gosh, as if I didn't give that school my time and sweat, volunteering and tutoring..

So then, I have to pay the two dollars plus the transcript request of $15 (no it's not free..) to which I have only two checks left. One check went to the rent payment, and the other went to the utility bill from our apartment. So no more checks to pay for the transcript. Yes, I ordered checks online, but they have not arrived yet. The clock is ticking and I have no access to money.

I cannot believe how this month is crumbling. I forget half of the MC things I am supposed to do, I do my assignments at the last minute, I can't remember what my group responsibilities are for my management class, and I can barely get to sleep at night. PLUS my house is still not set up the way I want!!

Will this nightmare never end. I know, I just have to do one thing at a time... so I better stop ranting and get things done. :) I feel better.


I will get it done!

This is the saying of encouragement that I keep repeating to myself as I tip-toe past boxes and piles of stray clutter, "I will get it done!" We have now officially been in the new house for nearly 2 weeks. (it will forever be called "new house") It seems that the more I put things away, the more I decide to move them... again, and again.. So now I try to think about where I am putting my things before I actually put them.

It doesn't help that I refuse to put items in un-wiped drawers and shelves. Another words I have to clean the drawer/shelf before I will put my things in it. So the bathroom counter is loaded with misc. stuff that needs to be put away, but I must first wipe out the drawers and cabinets. Somewhat strange, I know. But I just need to feel that it's clean before I start piling my things in it.

It also doesn't help that my lovely Aunt Flo has decided to visit this weekend. Making bending, stair climbing, and pretty much any movement very uncomfortable. Plus I missed my monthly doughnut and coffee with the MC :( I completely forgot about it. I should really just take this day and start over. If I could just rewind everything and have a new beginning..

Oh and we overdrew our bank account. So that's an additional $35 fee. *sigh* I don't think I can afford to stay awake any longer, this day seems to be costing me money and patience. If only I had time to take a nap :) Instead I will take a super dose of Tylenol and get to work because "I will get it done!"


A whole lotta BS

So I just finished my tax assignment, and I hate to say it... But I just wrote a bunch of BS. I have no clue what the chapter is talking about or what the questions are asking. Isn't that sad. It makes me laugh though because it's so much BS that my creative answers actually cause me to giggle. Oh well, atleast its done and the teacher doesn't grade on right and wrong answers so I should still get the full points (even funnier!)

I have a proposal I am supposed to do for English, I have no idea what to write about or what to propose. Then I have two meetings this weekend and Julius is working Saturday. Add on my management group project that I can't remember what my responsibilities were for this week and woo hoo another super busy weekend. Hopefully it will rain and I can just bury myself in books and not feel the anxiousness to go out and play in the garden.

Julius has yet to get my new scrappin desk from my Aunts house, so all my scrappin is still in boxes. Plus I have MK stuff that is still in boxes as well. Oh well, it's pretty livable the way it is and we don't expect company any time soon. Accept my Aunts are coming over for dinner on Sunday, but they don't really count.

Well I guess I better use my time wisely and unload the dishwasher, see if our rental contact is finished, check the mail, and maybe I'll even go out and pluck some flowers for myself :) It is afterall my Friday..


Going Nowhere

Today was crazy hectic... I got up about 8:30 am but the girls didn't get up so I thought perhaps we would skip MC, but Alexa woke up at 9:15 and said she wanted to go so we all rushed and got there in time. Then we had to leave immediately after because I had two papers to write for English (I was bad and skipped last week during the moving). So I did the papers and then realized I had a meeting in Portland for my group project at 3pm, so I had to find a last minute baby sitter (Thank you Auntie!) So I went to Portland, which I never do, down to near the Colosseum and there was tons of traffic.. The meeting lasted over an hour, which put me at 4:30pm for coming home... More traffic, in fact it was quite a standstill for the longest time... I made it back to Vanc. just after 5pm. at which time I had to finish my last paper and print the required memo to accompany it, I didn't even have time to pick up the kids so Julius had to get them after work. Once I printed the papers, I raced to class, at which time I was 10 minutes late (because I had to walk the mile just to get to class). After 2 1/2 hours of listening to the teacher droan on and on, I am finally back home where we are trying to whip up dinner.. It's only 8:45pm and I am just exhausted. Great googly-moogly..


Our Busy Week

So we've been super busy trying to get everything unpacked and into it's new home. Not as easy as I would have hoped. But it's finally coming together. The living room and office are the two final rooms to be dealt with. The office only because there is a huge old dresser that we have to take to my aunt which is clogging up my scrappin' space. And the living room because all my scrapping stuff is in there for now.

I love our bedroom (not the wallpaper) but the spaciousness. In our apartment we could barely walk around the bed, but now we have room to dance and a huge closet. It's awesome.

The kids room has all their toys in it (not sure if we are keeping them all or not). It's a little cramped but it's livable for them. I just went through their closet last night and took out all the shorts (I suspect we are done with them for this year), that made alot of space but I know they have three huge tubs of winter clothes..

I even went through Julius and I's clothes and purged the things that A: no longer fit, or B: we haven't worn in forever. Only came away with one grocery sack full, but I figure that's a little more space for something else.

Okay well, Alexa is super moody, I think she is entering the terrible fours.. while Adrianne is more whiny and needy (hello twos!) I guess I should get them some lunch, we are supposed to go to my aunts and replace her chimney pipe, and put her gutters on.. but it's kinda rainy, so probably won't get finished today.


Where did she learn that?

Well it's just a few minutes until I am off to school, Julius and I have a tight schedule so I am usually pacing by the door waiting for him to come so I can leave. I got more unpacking done today, most of the kitchen is finished and I even worked some in the living room. I also got most of the kids closet done and their gazillion clothes put away.

So I was just coming out of the shower when I went upstairs to see what the girls were doing. I went into their room and said, "What are you two doing??" and Alexa said, "Mom, you look really pretty."

I totally know she was up to no good!!

That's all for now, more later :)