No Fits Today

I just thought I should mark this day, as it is the first day in two weeks that Alexa hasn't totally melted down into a pile of bawling ooze! Remarkable! She went through school and chess club, then homework, dinner, and shower without any issues and this mamma is SO grateful to have had one day of tearfree sanity.


Valentines Day 2012

Wow, two months into the "new" year, can you believe it? This month has brought some new attitudes from our kiddos, one is throwing fits like a teen, while the other is acting like she should question authority.. But we're taking it all in stride.

The girls started tutoring, it's a nice small group session and they both love it. It gives them a chance to learn something new and challenge themselves. They always ask if they can do it everyday, lol.

This month also marks the start of tax season. So J us not around much (perhaps the reason for the girls' behavior). He is working weekends and taking clients at home in the evenings. Nothing like keeping busy to keep you busy!

I got a great Valentine this year. It's a giant orchid which I am trying hard not to kill (J bought me an orchid around this time last year when I was having so many issues - I have managed to keep it alive but haven't been able to get it to re-bloom). This years orchid is almost as big as Adrianne and is like a tree or large bush, it was a challenge finding a home for it! Check out this photo and you'll understand. :)
(I will turn them the right way when I figure out how...)