No more teachers dirty looks!

Would you believe I am done for the semester?!  After all that studying, I think I atleast passed (which is good).  Also for those books I took back I got $202, probably nothing compared to what I paid for them but it's money back in my pocket!  Now we can focus on our vacation, three whole weeks of purging and packing, tanning and swimming...  total bliss.

When we get back I will be back to class for the summer, I am taking two classes and hope to good gracious that they are easy ones!  And I hope to have some time to paint more of our house this summer, atleast the bathrooms.  And my reading list is long too, I just finished Twilight so I need to get some more books.

I am just so excited, I don't know what to do first...  laundry? movie? play some ds?  So many choices, I better get going!


Good Bye Books!

Tomorrow I turn my books into Cash!  Accept my accounting book which apparently you should keep for your entire career in order to be successful.  I also tell Adrianne's preschool teacher that she will miss the rest of preschool (haven't decided if we will do summer school or not).  Did you know we are almost half way through the year?!  Yup that means the countdown to Christmas is almost upon us :)

Today Julius and I spent the day studying while the kiddos went to Great-Grandma's, she is 96 tomorrow, so I guess they had a little potluck at her house.  We both got some good studying in, along with several cat naps sincew we are sick.. it's so hard to concentrate with a head full of yuck.

Yesterday I went to a Luau for another Filipino group, it's a fundraiser for their medical missions that they have in the Philippines.  It was fun, there was alot of dancing and chatting.  It was the first event that I went to without Julius, and I survived.  I didn't win any prizes but I guess that is okay.
I forgot there was an event on Friday evening that I was supposed to go to, I guess by then I wasn't feeling all that wonderful anyway.  The event was about Haiti and some work that a friend of ours did while he was there.  I'm kinda sad I missed it, I wanted to hear his stories.

Okay well, that is it, not such an eventful weekend but I am grateful for that..  today I actually got to 'sit' on my couch, not just glance at it while I whiz past, oh and I finally finished the movie Julie and Julia, it took me a week and three different viewings but all in all I thought it was pretty good.  Oh and I am reading the first Twilight book, almost done with it and hoping to start on The Help for book club.  I should update my Goodreads, I have read alot this year.  I am trying to get through 10 books in 2010, not counting my text books, just general reading for my well being.  Time to wash the girls, goodnight :)