How Alike We Are

Nothing tells me how alike Alexa and I are then this example..

Today for lunch I ran out of bread, so we had to have hamburger buns (don't judge, you've done it before too). I made myself and Adrianne a ham and cheese sandwich, and Alexa had peanut butter and jam. We eat and have some chips, and Alexa asks for another pb&j, and I say, "Do you want a whole circle or a half?" and she thinks and decides she wants half.

I go to the bun bag and get the bottom half of a bun, cut it in half and put peanut butter on one side and jam on the other. Then I put the two together and I notice that it's upside down, so I turn it over, still upside down.. hmm. Then I remember that I used the bottom half of the bun. Oh, okay.

I take the half a sandwich to Alexa and what does she do? She turns it over and says, "huh, it's still upside down?"