Back to the grind stone

Has it really been over a month since I last posted?!  It sure doesn't seem like that long, I guess we've just been busy (as usual).  I don't know how some of you moms can go through the busy day and still have enough energy to write about it...

So we went to Hawaii, and came back.  I have photos but don't want to take the time to mess with the photo uploader (because I hate it and it takes forever).  We had a somewhat good time, we spent alot of time at my moms house helping her pack and sort through stuff.  Plus I had alot of stuff that I had saved so I had to go through quite a bit as well.  We went to the beach a couple times, and Julius took the girls to this big park they built and also to the canyon.

We brought my dog back with us, his name is Beefy, I will put some pictures next time.  Since we came back he has been pretty good, although he tries to eat my cat.  Then last night the cat came in while the dog was in and I tried to save her and she bit me pretty good on the hand...  but I was able to grab the dogs tail and keep him from getting her.  It's sort of stressful for all of us.  And I don't think J realized how much work it is to have a dog, mostly because he is an inside dog and used to being around people and sleeping on the couch.  But we keep him in the garage at night so he whines and barks, and wakes us up at 6am.  The girls are kinda afraid of him, Alexa mostly.  But they are getting better, and he has started to get used to them and the noises they make.

Okay I gotta go, it's short but I have other things to do.  Maybe I'll write more before the month is out, haha.