Determined to Blog

I sign on here everyday to read everyone elses blogs. They are so honest and inspiring that I can't wait to see the next posts done by all the people I consider to be amazing. Even when someone posts about something awful or a horrible day, or even a good day gone wrong, I can totally relate and I feel that much better knowing that someone has also encountered the problems that I have.

We really are not doing much at all here, especially with Alexa trying to get over her ear infection. She is doing better and is no longer needing tylenol or the numbing ear drops (however she says it still hurts?) I spent yesterday doing laundry, I skipped last week so I had two weeks worth to do. I even got inspired and vacuumed the entire house.

However today I am a little off. My stomach is bothering me which I know is a sign of not taking care of myself, too many donuts, sodas, and candies. I hate the word diet, and I never want to consider myself on a diet.. but I am however realizing that my stomach just cannot handle the good things that I love. Add that to the fact that I don't feel hungry, but once I eat something I cannot stop eating until I am over stuffed and ready to explode. My stomach has just decided to stop cooperating with the rest of my body, I think it's rebelling against all the junk foods.

Today I am trying to clean the bathrooms. I hate to admit it, but they are nasty and the counters are full of misc. un-put-away crap. Like my makeup that has been on the counter since Dec. 5th when I got dressed up for the Christmas party we had, or the tp tubes that I decided should be recycled (not thrown away) which have taken over the counter tops in all three bathrooms. It just gets me aggravated to think about it because I also hear that what your house looks like is a reflection of how you are feeling on the inside. Which I think is so true, I am just one big massive jumble of things to do. At some points I have so many things to do that I just shut down and don't do any of it.

As of now I have my bookkeeping to do, around 300 pages to read for monday, my first accounting test on tuesday, and a paper due on wednesday... now you may say, "Well get on it!" But that is easier said than done. I think there is some sort of mental block, I just can't do it. So instead I will clean the bathroom, then do the extreme amount of dishes, and hopefully clean the kitchen floor. Because somehow in my mind, maybe then when I have finished all of that (add on giving the girls a bath and my own shower) then maybe I will be able to start my list of 'things to do'. But at the bottom of it all, I know that once I finish all that I will be too exhausted to do what needs to be done and I will shut down and refuse to do any of it... why do I do this week after week? I really don't know, is it some sort of sign? Or is it just my crazy brains illogical way of not doing what needs to be done... it's very irritating, but I just can't fix it.

Could this be another cause of my ridiculously unhappy stomach... *sigh*


An Amazing Blog Title Goes Here..

This morning I thought of something to blog about, or maybe it was last night? Anyhow I can't remember what it was or what the cool title was going to be. I must be slipping off my cracker.

The girls are in the bath, I'm hoping the warm water will help recuperate them. Alexa has had an on/off fever, very mild, but it comes with sore throat and sneezing. While Adrianne has been grumble sounding for a few days and is stuck with bursts of coughing. They are both well medicated today while I try to struggle through my homework for tonight.

I'm not feeling all that wonderful either, I'm a little foggy today. Perhaps I am getting what they have or maybe it's just sympathy sickness. Either way I just want to make it through these two days of classes. Speaking of classes, Alexa and Adrianne only have one day of school this week, Thursday. So far I don't know if they will be attending, but it seems strange for them to be off from school for a whole 10 days, should they miss Thursday. But don't you all worry, I have been keeping them busy with their tanagrams (those little geometric pieces that you can create designs out of), and the workbooks. They have been keeping me busy with "How do you spell..." Alexa is recognizing words inside of words, like Pyxis, has the word "is" in it, and SONY has the word "so"... Yesterday at the grocery store we walked past the bank section and she said, "Mom, what is that word??" (I told her) Then she read, "Come in today for a VISA" How excited she is when she can read little signs and tell me where the "EXIT" is. It's very cute. Adrianne is not far behind, for 4 years old she can legibly write 'mommy' and 'daddy' and 'love' from memory. She has other words but she has not gotten alot of confidence with them yet.

And hey I am learning too! We are on bonds in my acct. class, all about bonds and stated interest rates, and discounts, and such.. in sociology we are learning about how large problems such as divorce rates can actually stem from society as a whole (not just the couple), and in African-Am Lit we are reading about Thomas Jefferson and the Declration of Indy along with Benjamin Banneker and Letters from Virginia (a very interesting internal struggle for TJ). I cannot imagine living in his shoes with the black mistress and the bi-racial kids and then having so much oposition to the abolishment of slavery, he really faced alot of internal termoil.

I'm also supposed to be reading the Wall Street Journal for my acct. class. I am really fed up with statements like this, "According to someone close to the situation.." How many times in one newspaper can you print the same opening.. (Perhaps that is just my annoyance with repetative things) I got irritated with the way Adrianne was eating her donut this morning, I had to leave the room because I could not stand her masticating sound.. (I love to use that word, once a guy used it in my 7th grade math class, and everyone was shocked becauase we didn't know what it ment or perhaps we thought it was something similar sounding, haha).

Okay I am off now, the kiddos need to wash before they get cold, and I need a shower and some magic patience for the day.. :)


Where has the new year gone..

I have pretty much not posted diddly recently. It's not because I have forgotten, infact I check everyone's blogs almost daily, it's just that I get logged in and then suddenly I don't know what to say or I feel guilty because I have a million and one other things to finish up. But tonight, nothing can stop me now!

(So now a trip back in time)...

We had our first snow December 29th, it was great because it was light but we had enough to make a decent snowman. It started snowing in the early afternoon while Julius was at work and I was supposed to take the girls to gymnastics, but after a few hours of light flakes and then larger flakes I decided that we would skip gymnastics and instead take a walk around the block. When we got home we started a snowman, but I couldn't roll any more so when Julius got home he made the bottom and head, then it took all four of us to lift the body on top of the base, Julius got some "arms" from our tree, and I plucked some rocks from beside our house, and got some gloves a scarf and hat for good ol' frosty.

We spent new years at home, but somewhere in there we took the girls to their first movie, The Princess and the Frog. They had a good time, and sat pretty still for most of it. Afterwards we took them to the PIR for the lights, they enjoyed that.

We had Adrianne's birthday party, on her real b-day this year, Jan 3rd. I'm sorry if you were not invited, believe me I had you all in mind, but we had a very small area to accommodate everyone since we had her b-day at our house. We had to be very sensitive to the available area. I think she had a nice birthday, we got her the cake she wanted and my mom bought her a Barbie scooter, while I got her a Barbie horse and a Ariel Polly Pocket. She got a ton of presents, so many that we still have a couple that have not been opened yet.

My mom has been visiting for a while now and last week we had time to go to MOMS Club and get rid of the over abundance of kids stuff we had accumulated (which really helped to make room for the Christmas/Birthday gifts) then this last weekend we took time to tackle my mess of a bedroom, since we had Christmas day and Adrianne's birthday I had just shoved all the extra straggling boxes from our move into my room, plus I had all my scrapping stuff still in boxes, so my mom and aunt helped me to organize all that and make it useful again. I cannot believe how big our master bedroom is! We still have room to dance in there.

The girls are both doing well, they are onto the next level of gymnastics and spending 1 hour per session. They really like it and I feel they are doing well. Alexa had her first real mom-free field trip, they went to the Children's Museum, which I wish I could have went but I was in school. She was able to go with her "older" and it sounds like she had an awesome time there. Adrianne is still enjoying school, she says it's "the funnest place!"

Today we spent the day at great grandma's the girls played while me and my mom and aunt worked in a really hard puzzle. It was nice though, it's kinda fun to be without technology for a day, although I know I had alot of other things that needed to get done, but really some things can wait.. Especially since tomorrow is a holiday anyway so the girls and I are off school. Come to think of it the girls only go to school one day this week..

Okay well I am done now, I better get to loading the photos. I hate loading them onto this blog, it takes forever and even longer to try and position them.. Such a pain. So you all better enjoy them!