It's Saturday :)

Well it's another Saturday and there isn't a whole lot going on. It's dark and raining, as usual. I do have alot of homework to get done, hopefully today so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

It's been a while since I blogged and I don't quite remember what I have missed. Julius is still working, although he's been taking Sundays off to work at home. We are finally starting to feel better, after several weeks. And I am still here doing my usual thing.

I have taken some time to turn off the TV and do scrappin' which is really nice and refreshing. I have alot of stamp sets that I haven't used yet, and alot more that I have forgotten I even have! However I still feel racked with guilt when I see the laundry basket that has been sitting there for three days awaiting folding, or the basket of kids clothes that has yet to be put away. Not to mention the steady stream of dishes that I cannot seem to get ahead of. (and all the scrappin' debris now on the carpet).

I have a test on Monday, and on Tuesday. We are in the home stretch, only one month left! Which sort of worries me because I haven't been doing so well. I got a 57/100 on my last accounting test (my worst one ever!). Luckily they drop the lowest test score, however, that means I have to do well on the next 2 tests. I got a 67 on my MIS mid-term, how did that happen I don't know since I missed the class where they reviewed the test, but that class is curved anyway so I don't think it's a problem. My third class is marketing, where I got a C on the mid-term, I don't know what kind of magic I can do to pull that grade up.. So it's not looking so good with only one month left.

I just keep telling myself one day at a time.. I guess that is the best I can do, I know I can do better but it's so exhausting to keep it up day in and day out - especially with Julius working like a crazy mad-man. And it's basketball season, so even when he is home he is parked in front of the TV (I swear there is atleast 4 channels with sports on them, sports highlights, sports center, basketball, westling, MMA... DOES IT EVER END?!?!) Can't we just watch the Jon and Kate marathon? (atleast I can do things during commercials).

Julius is becoming attuned to the idea of flying to get to his families house (instead of driving 9 hours). I had him look up the flight prices last night and they are about the same as a van rental, and it's only take's an HOUR to fly. I feel it is totally worth it. I also teamed up with our bookkeeping client to convince him that we need to stay a few days in a hotel... So I am excited for that (although we are still in dispute about how many rooms we will need - as we want to invite his family too). I told him my ideal vacation is to just play with all the kids, and read books on the beach..

He rescently told me that the store, like convienince store, is a mile away from their house.. which doesn't seem like a long way, until you factor in the fact that no one there drives.. so you have to walk (and we all know how much I hate walking). Can we say "culture shock". I know this trip will be similar to when we moved to Hawaii..

Okay I better go and actually do my homework, as I don't see much chance in it getting done on it's own. Here's a giraffe photo from our last trip to the zoo, I wanted to post it before but never got to it..


Mostly for my Mom..

For everyone reading this, some of you have see my post on Facebook so please disregard this..

For others, who may not have Facebook (or even know what Facebook is) this post is for you. :)

I have a few minutes before bed and I wanted to share with you this video from YouTube it is really good, and I know you will all appreciate the opportunity to watch it.. So check it out and be amazed :)


Getting back into the flow of life..

I don't know what it is about me but whenever I become sick, even with just a cold, it takes me an extended amount of time to get back into the flow of daily chores. I know some people who can take OTC medicines and go through their day even if they are at death's door, and I know other people who can't wait to jump back into action after being sick a few days. I however, take forever to recover. I just don't have the 'get up and go' attitude, I would rather kick back and relax a bit. In addition, I wake up feeling groggy, and it takes me a long time to get my appetite back.

So as my house sits in a disarray and my to-do list gets longer I am unmotivated to do anything about it. My ear/throat is hurting again today, which I am thinking that is why I have no appetite and am feeling somewhat groggy. But it's just getting old, and the stress of not getting things done is not helping.

The good news is the kitty's surgery went well and she is here causing trouble (trying to get outside). I finally got her to knock out and sleep, and the kids are napping so I suppose I should atleast do the dishes before Julius gets home and wonders who stole the maid. I even went to Coffee Lounge and bought a cocoa, but it just doesn't sound tasty. And I am grateful that my plans for tomorrow were canceled.

When will I feel like myself again?


Too Cute To Miss

Meet Adrianne's kitty.. Her name is Miss. Bell because she had a bell when she came to us about 3 months ago. She has a new bell now that Adrianne picked out for her.

What makes this photo too cute to miss? Well my kids have always dis-liked animals, well, more like HATED animals, anything that moved really (unless in a zoo and behind a cage, even then could be iffy). So when this little kitty came to Adrianne and befriended her I did not know what to think. Adrianne would even sit in the chair and hold the kitty. It's a first..

Now we are keeping her inside tonight, because she will go to the vet tomorrow and I need to be able to locate her in the morning. So here she is, sleeping with Adrianne and loving it. Here's to having turned Adrianne into an animal lover! :)

You Startled Me

I haven't posted much about Alexa lately. That's not to say she hasn't done amazing things, but just that she talks so much that I get tired of hearing what she has to say (bad mommy, I know). But I felt her newest collection of phrases should be noted for future reference.

Alexa's new favorite thing to do is to mimic everything Julius says. Which I find highly annoying, yet I am sure this is some wonderful development milestone. So in addition to Julius scolding Adrianne, we now have Alexa following suit - in generally the same tone and style as Julius. Poor Adrianne is getting bombarded with authoritative tones.

Alexa's other new found "voice" is to copy nearly everything she watches. Recently we went to my Aunts house where Alexa saw a potted Daffodil, and was quick to say, "Look mom a Daffodil.. daffodils are yellow and have 6 petals.. Clarabelle needs Daffodils to match her dress.. Daisy's are yellow too."

She has also taken to saying, "You startled me!" Although not used at quite the right times. Nearly everything "startles" her. Which she learned from Goofy on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

What will I do with this child who chatters and talks throughout the day? At meal time she is a wealth of information, everything from how to move the refrigerator to the latest episode of Little Einsteins is up for grabs often leaving her with a plate full of food while the rest of us are cleaning up. I do repeatedly try to urge her to eat her food, but 2 seconds later she is back to chattering away.

She just chatters.. A lot.


Look at Her..

Adrianne 3 years old

She sure has grown up, with her little earrings and her *finally* growing hair. Her understanding and speech has gotten better.. So many changes in so little time.

Groggy Day #7

I have almost reached the one week point with this cold, and I'm telling you, I've had it up to HERE with it! It's now to the point where I feel good one minute and the next I have a runny nose and feel feverish. Really quite annoying. My throat is still in a continual state of pain and I have a cough that keeps me up nearly all night. Not pretty.

It's sunny outside. Yesterday we drove to the post office, our first time out since my b-day party. It was a tiring drive, but when we got home we played outside and I trimmed all the rose bushes. Perhaps I did too much because today I feel terrible and I just want to sleep. It's 10am and I already need a nap. :(


I'm feeling nutty, as usual.

So it's tax season, and it's crazy as it is every year. Which is my reason for posting my 'nutty squirrel' and if you've noticed I haven't gotten back since re-vamping my blog.

It's busy here as usual.

Friday we took my brother to get his drivers license. It was nice, we picked him up early so he could practice driving my car and then we found a cute little cafe that had a Hawaiian theme to it, called Da Kine's RC's Cafe super delicious food and very friendly, and kid friendly as well. The girls had a great time and I showed them on a map where Grandma lives. Afterwards my brother passed his driving test and I even took some time to change my address on my license.

Then we dropped off my bro and raced to the post office, because I need to get my passport. Unfortunatly after much convincing the guy finally got it through my thick head that I had only a 'copy' of my birth certificate. (I knew it was a copy, but I thought it was a "certified copy" only it wasn't). So another trip to the post office will be coming very soon, as I need to get my forms in so I will get my passport back in time.

After leaving there, disappointed for waiting in line yet again and not getting what I need, we went to Coffee Lounge because I had some papers to be signed and mailed.. Only to find out that they were closed..

So what does a girl do after being disappointed twice in a row... She goes shopping!

Then we went to the Walmart, because I wanted to get the girls some bigger PJ's so their little tummies and calfs are not hanging out.. and some soap because Julius used all the soap and didn't tell me...

When we got home Julius decided he wanted to go to this basketball game, to which I thought we would be watching a game. But instead he was playing with the other guys, so me and the kids sat on the side for 3 hours until the janitor came and took our chairs away. At 10:30pm we decided that we should eat, so we drove to Subway which was closed and finally ended up at Carl's Jr. where the kids promptly fell asleep at the drive through, which then we had to wake them up to eat.

Saturday we got up early and went roller skating with some other MOMS, although it was fun, I think a whole hour with heavy skates clamped to your feet was a little too long for my girlies (and many of the other kiddos there). By the time we left the girls were ready to go back to sleep and Alexa was in a full meltdown.

After a much needed nap for all of us, we decided to do some laundry and vaccume the house. At which point I decided to go through all of the girls clothes and take out the ones they no longer wear/no longer fit into. And Alexa's dresser has always been a hassle to me, it's old and it came with the house... and every time you shut/open the drawer the bottom falls out and it gets all crazy. So I was fed up with it and decided we need to buy a new dresser (one that the kids can open and clothes on their own).

Meanwhile we had two clients come that night, and we again didn't have dinner until late..

Sunday we got up early, well I thought it was 10:30 but after having lunch and giving the girls a bath I noticed I was not yet 10am, so there was no way it could have been 10:30. Julius worked on Sunday, and Saturday if you're wondering why he was not around that day. So Sunday we finished the started laundry and I studied a little bit. Then when Julius got off work at 3pm we went to IKEA to get a new dresser for the girls. We got a cute one that even has a matching bed frame that Alexa decided she liked and can have when we get our own house and the girls finally get their own rooms.. But ofcourse my little Adrianne did not want the same dresser that Alexa picked and we couldn't afford to get two, so we had a little mini-meltdown over that... But agreed that when the girls get their own room, then Adrianne can pick whatever bed/dresser she wants as well.. Finally once peace was restored we investigated IKEA since we had never been there, we found so many cool and interesting things that even Julius had a good time. Although we only bought the dresser for now. And ofcourse the cool carts for loading your purchase onto, Julius had great fun 'skateboarding' down the isles with it, and the girls as well... Once we were done we bought the kids "ice creams" (they wouldn't eat them when we called them 'frozen yogurt')

And finally to top it off, I got an enormous cardboard cut loading the boxes into the car, which rendered me helpless and bleeding as I nearly severed my finger off. (I wonder if I can sue, technically I was still on the premesis and it was there box).

When we got home Julius had a client coming, who stayed until late and we ate late, and I didn't do my studying... which leads me to today *finally*

Monday I had two mid-terms, but I only had time to prepare for one.. not a good thing. The first mid-term was four essay questions, one of which I didn't have any idea what it was talking about, so I just made up my answer and even thinking about it makes me cringe.

The second mid-term was the one that I didn't study for, which was bad because it was three essay questions, and by then I was tired of making up answers.. plus I didn't even know where to start. I didn't recognize some of the terms as all, and my brain was complete mush. It's really hard to answer essay questions when you have no idea what the question is even saying.. so not good. Next time I swear I will study!

Then off to Coffee Lounge to have the paper signed and posted because it had to be postmarked today.. And now here I am, venting my frustrations on the keyboard *and trust me the key board is getting hammered!* I still have to go to the store and buy some food, and do the massive amount of dishes that we have piled in the kitchen because I took this morning to study instead of do the dishes... And I have Alexa who wants to learn how to tell time.. if only I had more hours in my day, really I just need more hours.

So I'm feelin' nutty :)