R U Busy?

We've been doing alot around here, most of it seems mundane and repetative but I supposed we have done a few things out of the ordinary. Like after MC this week we went to the park, the kids had a great time and they were so happy to be outside and enjoying the swings and slides. Then we took a walk around the entire park, and the girls worked on their running/racing. And ofcourse they picked up pinecones and sticks which we just HAD to have.. then we came home and gardened for a while, gosh we have alot of garden.

We also went to the store yesterday, to get those eggs that we've been out of for the past couple weeks. Then we came home and they "helped" me clean up the main part of the house, since we've been having alot of tax guests lately. After dinner we made some sugar cookies, from a bag. The mix was really flaky but I added some water and made it happen. The cookies came out pretty good (however crunchy-ish) we made one for each of their teachers, and I got out my little decorative bags and some ribbons and little cards for them to decorate.

Tomorrow we are going to a friends house, I know they will like to play with some other kids for a while. And then I am going to go out to bunco and see if I can actually win something this time! Saunday Julius is going to take another CPA exam, so maybe on Saturday (Cross your fingers for good weather) we can go to the zoo and let him study. And I was thinking tonight we would go to the library for a while, give the kiddo's something to do and get some new books.

Thank goodness spring is around the corner because we need to get out of the house more often!