Speak English

Adrianne has this little song she likes to sing, it sounds something like this "kinga.. kinga.. kinga.." She sings it and twirls around and around, and does her famous dance move of putting her hands on the ground and kicking one leg up in the air (too much dancing with the stars, I know.) And for the longest time I thought she was just "pretending" to sing and making up her own words, but Julius and I realized that it's the same thing over and over and over, and if you ask her to sing it she will sing the same thing (so she knows what she is saying.) So then I thought well maybe it's from the Tagalog classes the kids took and she picked up on the 'nga' sound, which is a alphabet letter that we do not have in English. But I asked Julius and he said it didn't sound like any word he'd ever heard.. Strange.

We'll the song lives on, and on, and on....

But today, the kids are online and they have recently discovered Disney.com (they amazing land of fairy princesses where all their dreams come true...) and I hear her from the kitchen singing again "kinga.. kinga.. kinga..." So I peak in and they are listening to Aroura (Sleeping Beauty) from the Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVD and she is singing.. "I've got the keys to the kingdom.." check it out
here so, that is what she's been singing all this time since about a month ago when we rented the movie from Blockbuster..

I guess my kid actually does speak English after all... who knew?


Basketball for Two

Julius found out about a new basketball league and ofcourse we had to check out the first game! Adrianne and Dad had a great time, while Alexa and I were a little bored.
After the game we started putting the water
in the pool, it's nearly finished and will have some photos of us playing in the water soon.


The girls today

2 1/2 years

4 years

Photo of the Day

Tiger Swallow Tail

I don't look good in prison orange...

I am baby sitting today, it's rough.. First they came and said that baby isn't feeling well (he has a fever), and if you haven't guessed, this is how I caught my last cold two weeks ago... great. Now it's finally nap time, only they don't give their kids a nap, so that is a fight. In fact, I have had to put away so many toys, repeat myself so many times, and still she's awake!! I want to just curl up and take a nap myself..

Here's to a kid free night!


Cheers to the Future!

I wasn't going to post today because I don't have any photos of the kids, and well without them my life is kinda boring!!

But I was doing the dishes when I thought that perhaps some of you would like to hear some of the upcoming things that are going to enter this family. Since I don't really share much information, and I'm not a big talker, maybe you would be interested, if not, just stop reading here :)

So first, I am running for Mrs. Philippines, yes I know I am not gorgeous (especially since I keep packing on the lbs.) but this is a fundraiser and not a beauty contest... surely I can win that! The funds raised go to the Portland Fil-Am maintenance of their meeting building, and believe me I have been there and it's way over-due for some upgrading! And a portion of what I sell comes back to me, which I will donate to my local Fil-Am of Clark County where I am the secretary. It's really a good way to raise awareness to the local Filipino groups, anyone can get involved, you do not have to be Filipino/Filipina. We have many events throughout the year and we have just started our "official" quarterly community outreach program, good for anyone to attend. You will meet wonderful people who will overwhelm you with their generosity and caring. I LOVE IT!!

Second, Julius was asking his boss about vacation time. His boss said he could have one week vacation this year, and Julius asked if he could combine this year's week with next year's week and take two weeks in the Philippines (where his family is), and his boss graciously said "How about take this years one week, and then next year you can have two weeks." ISN'T THAT GREAT!! We have been so blessed with everything this past year, from moving out of my Aunts house (that is too long of a story to post here) to Julius having an awesome job, to getting our first car, joining MOMS Club, and so much more that has came our way. So, back to where I was, we have decided to take Julius' vacation time and visit family in Hawaii.. WOO HOO Finally we will go to the sunny beaches, see the turtles, relax with the calm local life of Hawaii. It's totally a different world there, I love to vacation there (hated living there). I can't wait for Adrianne to have her first time in the ocean, on a plane, and around a dog (my dog Beefy is there).

Third, (I swear this is the last thing, if you have bravely made it this far!) Julius and I decided that I should finish my degree. So I signed up for WSUV classes starting in the fall, I am an accounting major but I might take business with minors in accounting and finance (hopefully I will find something I love in there.) I am currently doing the bookkeeping for a wonderful little coffee shop downtown called Coffee Lounge, it's on main street and 11th (I think) they have wonderful coffee and they support small coffee growers in Central America, so do yourself a favor and get some awesome coffee, tell them you know me (not that you get a discount, but you'll have something to talk about :)) So I am soon going back to school, and if you don't know I am very academic, I was the historian for the PTK (honor society) in Kauai and I have always been an honor student.. In fact I think my GPA is around 3.6.. For my associate degree courses. I had 4.0 through high school. Ofcouse I will be taking night classes so I can be home with my little darlings.. Wouldn't want to miss them growing up - to me that is priceless... I can go to school anytime, but they only grow up once.

Okay the stinky girls desperately need a bath, they played in the sandbox that Julius made them at Aunt Kits and we got home too late to wash them.. So now they stink and their beds need to be changed... WOO HOO a whole day at home! I love home.


Doctor, doctor

Well I am off to the doctor today, it kinda sucks but oh well. I have been sick and yesterday was the worst (but that could be because I decided to clean my house and just over did it). Not too much to write about.. just keeping busy with the girls and trying to find time to finish that darn dresser I was talking about in my way older posts. I killed two sanders trying to make it nice, so my brother suggests that I 'hand' sand it... I think he's crazy, I don't have that kind of time. But I may just have to in order to get it finished, it's currently a permanent fixture on my back patio. Okay, time to get the girls a bath, they are off to my Aunts while I go to the doctor. Bye


Could It Be...

So I'm not feeling so well today, I seem to have a cold which has settled itself in my ear canals and it's really irritating me. Not only does it cause a headache but also soreness of the jaws and even my teeth are hurting. So I took a nap while the kids watched Aladdin 3. And when I awoke, the sun was shining! Finally, 'open up your eyes and let the sun shine in'!! I still don't feel well, but I'm going to take whatever drugs we have lying around and go outside!! Wahoo..


A Warning

So I'm sitting here reading everyone else's blog when I hear a noise and see something running across the office desk. I think it must be a grasshopper or something, it didn't look like a roach and it sure made a funny noise - almost as if I could hear the little legs clicking across the desk. But it's quickly out of sight so I start searching for it, I know it hasn't ran very far because I didn't hear it again... then I find it, a nasty gray/brown spider! And it's sandwiched itself between two of my bookkeeping papers.. so I find a heavy book and whack it *twice for good measure*... Then I look around for any other creepy crawlies, I didn't see any but decided to leave the carcass as a warning to any other eight legged violators who decide to cross my daily path.. Be warned.


That's it, I give in...

Well if you don't live in the area.. it's freezing cold and rainy and nasty and disgusting. It looks like February/October weather.. Not June. And after 2 months of staying away from the heater (gosh electricity is spendy).. I have two pairs of socks, a T-shirt, sweatshirt, and long bathrobe on and I am still freezing.

So, I give up, and I give in to the heater!! Crank that baby up and bring on the hot cocoa. I just wish I had a Christmas tree to go along with this nasty dark weather.


A good way to exercise..

The Pool

"Please no 'P' in our OOL"

So, we've aquired a pool from a friend
who no longer wanted it. It's 18 ft.
across (circle), and it's 4ft on one side
and about 6ft on the other, here is
Julius digging out the bottom and swinging
the ax to loosen the dirt. We have since
(well not 'we' per'se) but HE has since
sanded out the bottom and is soon to buy
a new liner for it.

Now if the weather
would just give us something good to work with..


Three little princesses. Dancing, twirling, and singing..


Woo Hoo!

Well I set out to finish our bookkeeping and instead I decided to clean the office. It looks much better and aside from a few more items to file I must say I did a good job. My hubby (who's taken over the office - which was originally intended for a scrappin room) is terrible at throwing things away, I swear he keeps every piece of meaningless mail and every recipt he gets his hands on. Well it's all gone now, because usually when I clean he goes through all the trash and the recycling to make sure I haven't tossed anything he wanted, but this time I threw it all in the dumpster HAHAHA -revenge for the Easter Eggs that he threw away and my candy that he is always tossing. Hope everyone else had a productive day as well.

Bibbity Bobbity Bo!

Isn't it fun when you suddenly realize that you're a good mom. I know we don't give ourselves enough credit to what a wonderful job we are doing but really when it suddenly hits you and you take the time to see how amazing your kids are and think to yourself 'that is all because of me!'

That is how I feel today - especially while the kids are napping :) I mean I guess I am kinda a young mom, although I know alot of others who started earlier. But when I look at my girls and see just how awesome I have done with them and how my whole life is really blessed just to have them. I can't believe it. I am a really good mom and I can't imagine doing anything else. That is the beauty of today.

Internally Furious

So it's raining today, which seems odd since it is June? But perhaps we will have a long summer into October - either that or I should start building an Ark!

Yesterday was one big disaster after another, well atleast it was annoying. First I dropped off some cake at Melanie's (no that was the good part of the day..) then I headed down town to pick up some end of the month paperwork from our client, but it turned out that the owner wasn't there and the lady in there wasn't very good, or smart. I did get the paperwork and left with a half way decent coffee. Then I had to pick up my Aunt because she let my cousin use her car because his is dead (is anyone still reading?) anyhow we didn't have time for lunch or the park and instead had to go to my cousins filthy apartment and have his car towed. Then I gave in and bought pizza and took it to my Aunts where my other cousin (different than above mentioned) and his little broom riding hoochie decided that they would eat my pizza. Little F'ers. So then you all know I don't swear but my cousin had pushed my buttons beyond the limit and he is a firkin nuisance. So I told him he was bugging me, and a few other choice phrases (my girls' ears were probably burning). And ofcourse he runs to his mommy for help. GOSH she is such an enabler, I am so glad I am out of that place and I can't wait to move even farther away from that disastrous house. She has no clue of the cycle of abuse going on there. She plays right into his little mind games and then says "well that's my son." There comes a point when you have to just let your kids fall to rock bottom on their own. It irks me and I don't think I am mentally stable in his presence. Really I wish she would just find a good counselor and get the heck out of there. But what else can I do, she will die trying to please his every desire and probably still feel like she didn't do enough. It DISGUSTS ME!!

Okay I feel better now, time to eat and go to MOMS Club, thank god for some kind of normal constant in my life.. really the other MOMs are lifesavers, and I mean that with all my heart. Thanks for helping me keep my compass pointed North.


Adventure at Great Grandma's

Another Sunday at Great Grandma's House.. What fun we had today, first my Aunt doesn't have her car right now so we all jumped into my car and headed up to G-Grandma's. Then the kids whipped out all their toys and proceeded to spread them across the floor, after that we had our usual PB&J lunch with cheese. Then Adrianne had a #2 accident and she's been potty trained for almost a year so I don't have a change of clothes but I did find an old pull up, so that's what she wore the rest of our time there. Then my uncle and his girlfriend came, the kids don't really care for my uncle (infact Adrianne usually screams bloody murder at the sight of him), so he just peeked around the corner real quick. As the day got on I think somebody got a little tired, because I caught her catnapping. Then the day wrapped up with steak dinner at my apartment and we watched the first Indiana Jones movie (and Cinderella 2). Now Julius is taking my Aunts home and the girls are supposed to go to bed, so I can get some reading in. Hope everyone had a great weekend :) Check out the quick slide show I did...

So yesterday we were supposed to go to the Sears and have dads photo taken with the girls, for Dad's Day. But we ended up late and they couldn't get us in, so instead we went to Aunt Kits and took a couple photos before their outfits got destroyed. Here is the outcome..

I thought they were pretty good, we also had baby Christopher too so ofcourse the paparazzi got him too! That's a pretty darn good first smile photo too!