If you're interested to know..

In case you are wondering how I could post so many things in one night.. well it's because it's now 10:47p.m. and Julius has taken the kids to go buy pizza (because I am lazy to cook, and so is he). So I have extra time on my hands, quiet time mind you. I can actually hear the fridge running.. it's slightly scary. So I thought while they were gone I could post some of the photos I took today, and of course I couldn't leave out this one. Wouldn't want to forget my little darlings while they are gone.

Oh shoot, they are back..

Let me show you..

This is Adrianne...

This is Adrianne showing me how to use MY exercise ball..

Isn't she talented.

When you give a kid a cookie

Adrianne, she is saying "Pleeeeeeeeease maaaamaaaaa...."
(although we have not yet had dinner.)

Alright, Mom said "Yes."!!

MMMMmmm... that's tasty :)

I'm just such an easy mom to win, who could say 'no' to a face like that..


Sunday at Great Grandma's House

Every other Sunday we try to go see Great Grandma, or on the Sundays when I don't want to do housework so I just leave the house! It's great up there, it's so quiet and the kids love to play with their "Grandma's" house toys (actually toys I leave in the trunk of the car which we only play with at Grandma's). This is my moms mom's house, she is going to be 94 this May. She lives by herself and gets to do as many crafts as she wants, and she also has a large garden to tend to.

These photos were taken at several different Sundays.

Alexa 3 1/2 years old, March 9th she loves to have her photo taken.

Adrianne 2 yrs old, just being her happy little self.

The girls playing with their favorite Aunt Alice, at 4'8" tall they think she is one of them.

My little mischief makers, surely plotting to break something!

Oh the beloved Mega Blocks, there is nothing like some good building.

And of course, little sister to demolish the homemade empire.

That's all for now, will try to take more photos of the little munchkins before they enter grad school :)