My Birthday Weekend!

It's my birthday weekend, that's right "weekend" why should birthdays be celebrated for just one day out of 365? Might as well make the most of it and have a whole weekend! This weekend has been awesome, first on Friday I went out with some of the MC moms and their hubbies to see the play The Producers at Clark College. What good fun! I loved it and I laughed the entire time, it was too funny. Not sure if the others laughed as much as I did, but I was just cracking up the whole time. If it's playing again I will definitely see it again, no questions. In fact I had such a good time I am thinking of doing it more often, for $15, it was totally worth it! Much better than going to a movie. But I've always loved those kinds of things, too bad I cannot sing or dance or I would probably sign up too!

It's also been a nice sunny weekend so I have been able to get some gardening done, which I am grateful because it is really getting out of control. The garden area in our new house goes around most of the perimeter of the property, so there is a TON of garden space (which I am hoping to rework into something smaller and more manageable). But I need to get everything cleaned out because there is already some plants and a ton of bulbs out there which I have to find amongst the weeds. This makes my job a bit more tedious trying to find the beginnings of Easter lilies, and clumps of tulips, and all the tubers from the iris' inbetween giant globs of unwanted grass. So slow and precise goes the gardening.

I let the kids go outside yesterday and paint, I put big plates of paint out and rolled out a 4' by 8' sheet of paper for them to do hand prints and foot prints and BIG art on, they had a good time. Julius also came home a little early and had the kids help him wash the car (not my car, his car, but no hard feelings... okay maybe a few, I mean it is MY birthday weekend.. but I digress). Adrianne has been having on and off earaches, not sure what the cause is, but she doesn't mention it all the time... Which I find odd.

Last night I went to another MC moms house for some scrapping, it was very nice of her to open her house to us and let us hang out and get some things done. I finished a whole mini book and I love the way it turned out. I am so glad I went and I hope we can do it again, even if it's just a few of us it's still really fun. And there was chocolate pie! That is like heaven..

So I had an awesome Friday and Saturday night, thanks to all the great MC moms out there. In other news, our laptop died, I have to get it fixed or atleast see how much it is to fix, I think I can fix it on my own (like I need another job!) there are some very detailed directions on line and it looks like the part I need will be <$20, so I may undertake another task in the next couple weeks. But for now I am just using J's big computer, which the monitor is ginormous, I feel like my eyes are going in opposite directions just trying to view the entire screen. But I'll make due.

Today is a little cloudy but the sun is peeking through a little. I should really focus on my homework and my test that is coming up on Tuesday (thank goodness it's Tuesday, and not Monday, or I may be having a heart attack right now). Julius said we were going to go to Roots for dinner, but I guess we've had a change of plans and instead we are going to take the bikes down to Beaches and have an early dinner and go bike riding. Which I think is a wonderful idea! Very thoughtful! I'm sure my booty will be in severe pain after riding for a while, so hopefully when I get home I will just sit down and study -yea right, wishful thinking huh-

My house really needs to be cleaned, especially with all the dirt I tracked in during gardening. But it'll have to wait until after the Tuesday test, and I don't think waiting a couple more days will kill me, or it?, either way I think it'll be fine. I am washing the blanket that Alexa got her bloody nose on, apparently Julius threw her and her knee hit her nose and it started bleeding but Julius thought she was just whining, so he paid no attention, until he saw the blood. And the girlies are getting a bath because after the painting yesterday they are very colorful (it's just SOOO hard to hit the 4' by 8' sheet of paper without getting it on yourself.. yea right!)

Alright well I need to ski-daddle, alot to do and too little time. It's March already people, the year is 1/4 gone, time to renew those new year goals! (I don't remember what mine were..)