My Baby's going to be SIX!

My sweet little baby is growing up all to fast.  In four days she will be six years old, not really baby age.  I still carry her when I can, and give her huggies and tickles, but to think that she soon will be too big for all that is just more than I can image.  At least we have an extra day of her being six, as we will need every minute of it.


Learning to post from my phone..

So J got us new phones, they are matching which I think is cute until I accidentally pick up his instead of mine - then not so cute. I have been trying to get used to all the apps and new buttons, as this phone is way more advanced than my old flip phone. It's also much bigger, which makes me wonder where exactly are you  supposed to carry it? It's much too big to fit in a pocket, and we all know I don't have room in my itty bitty purse. Where do you carry yours?

In other news I decided to start my "confessional" blog for the new year. Hopefully it will help me understand that I'm not the only one who let's the laundry pile up, or leaves the dinner dishes in the sink. So be prepared to see the completely unorganized side of this Momma.

Now I will leave you with this adorable photo of Alexa when she was little-er, I just happened to be browsing on this new phone and found it - not sure how it got on the phone (this one or the old one) but I'm glad I have the photo.