I'm Injured

So I was doing laundry when I noticed that there was some chunky stuff on my jeans, and since I have been stripping and puttying the dresser that I am re-doing I thought perhaps I should remove the chunks (before say they catch fire in my dryer..) so resourceful me begins to pick at the chunks with my thumb when one excessively sharp chunk embeds itself under my thumb nail... OUCH! Ofcourse I pull it out and it's bleeding and burns like crazy.. and I am thinking "OMG this is paint stripper and I am going to get blood poisoning.." So I 'bleed it out' and stick a Barbie bandaid on it. But it's still very painful... what a morning :( I think I'll go run my toes over with the pantry door, shift my pain elsewhere.. haha


She Amazes Me

My little Adrianne, she is a fearless, determined, unbreakable, stubborn, pretty, serious, sneaky, chocoholic, bicycle rider!! Soon she'll be on a Harley! What a woman..

"I was just thinking of how darn Handsome I am.."

Another Sunday at Great Grandma's House

So, if you haven't already read, we spend most of our Sundays up at Great Grandma's House. Here are some photos from our trip on May 18 (which also happened to be my brothers birthday, 55 yrs. old.... YES June, I put your age, I know you are going to die when you see this.) Yes, I have brothers.... and sisters. In fact, come to think of it most of you don't even know that I have family! haha. It's a strange family, I have 4 half brothers and two half sisters, I have two nieces and three nephews and even several (about five) second nieces/nephews. Anyhow, here are some photos from two sundays ago.


She just keeps on growing..

We were headed to the mall today to check out the closing of the Disney Store, when I asked Alexa if she would like to have her photo taken.. And she said 'yes'. (thats never happened before.) So I dropped by to the sears and although the lady said they were busy she let us in and took some really good photos of Alexa, actually the best I have ever had. She was awesome working with Alexa and showing her how to pose, I didn't have to do anything. What a wonderful experience and then since I have been there so many times and I already know how to use their computer system, she let me browse the photos by myself and was not pushy or anything. She was great. Anyhow, here are the online version of the photos, they use a crappy resolution so you don't steal the un-purchased shots. I only bought a package of the serious one, I thought she just looked so grown up that I had to have that one for her 4th birthday photo. Hope everyone is having a good week. Bye :)


Just to clarify...

Hey everyone, I just was looking at some of the comments left behind and I wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know that Christopher is my new nephew! The first boy in the family, I have two older neices (about 14 and 11 yrs. old), but Christopher is the first one that I have gotten to be around, he is my brothers first baby and his girlfriends second. I even have gotten to watch him OVERnight TWICE!! He is sooo much easier than my kids were, or maybe I've just gotten better??


Baby Christopher Photos

We've Been Busy!

Well with my mom coming and us going to Seattle, the new baby, and the many little trips we've taken on the nice days, we sure have been busy! I am just taking a few minutes to put together some photos of what we've been up to. There sure are some good ones, take a look :)

The Tulip Festival - April 25