You know, sometimes I just cannot help myself. I do things that other people wouldn't....
Such as this photo..

Now I wasn't trying to border on child abuse.. Mearly trying to work his fine motor and sensory skills. So I placed a few clothing stickers on him so give him something to do. The ones on his hands proved most difficult for him to pull off because once he got it off his hand it then stuck to the other hand (which also had a sticker on it). The one on his nose he never did find, it just fell off on it's own. I found it to be funny and quite a learning experience for him, as I don't think he had ever had a sticker stuck on him before.

I am so glad I captured him in this shot because he looks completely stumped and just irritated. Even his posture is saying, "what?!" (I did not pose him, he was doing that for the longest time).

Just had to share, I'm sure his future g/f's will love to see how he was so confused about stickers. :)