Sunny Days

The weather has been awesome around here this week. If only the girls' attitudes were awesome to go along with it.. :)

We have been so busy, I don't even remember what all we've done. Today we took Alexa to the dermatologist because she has a bald spot on her scalp that her dr. was concerned about. But the Derm. said that it doesn't look problematic so just watch it for the next month. That's good.

I took both of the girls to the dr. last week, he said they do not need any more shots, but somehow I feel he is wrong. I will check up on that later. Last week I also went and played Bunco with some new friends, that was nice. I didn't win, but no hard feelings. It was still a good time.

Last weekend, we went to Esther Short and played in the water, then went again the next day to check out the recycled crafts fair, and ofcourse buy some awesome food (they have great cookies there!) Then we headed out to Lewisville, which for $2 was an awesome time. We ran into another family that we know and spent time swimming and riding bikes. Well the kids did, I read my book.

We've also been house hunting, Julius has found one that he likes and I think we are making an offer on it. I'm not too excited about "moving" since we just got moved in here. But whatever makes him happy, and it does have a nice yard space.

The kids are having an interesting time in preschool. Alexa seems to be liking it, she has her friends and she enjoys her teacher. Adrianne on the other hand is less than happy to be there. I know she is just at an age like Alexa was before so I'm not too worried about it. She is always happy when I pick her up, I even snuck in and watched her for a good 10mins before pick-up and she did fine. So I think it's just a stage. We have however been having alot of "I wanted to do the craft she did.." and "I don't want to be in the big kid room anymore!!" I guess you just can't keep them happy.

Well that's all we have time for now, kiddo's are getting restless. :)


Snot, hair, and mother nature..

We have done so much and I just haven't taken the time to blog about it (been too busy keeping up with my farm!) Today we spent the day inside because we are all sick, Alexa even had a slight fever and spent some time on the couch watching TV. We've had a slight cold for a while, and playing in the rainstorm, then yesterdays picnic didn't seem to help us recover any faster. But the girls seem in good working order (minus some grouchiness) this evening. Julius should be giving them a bath soon.

Saturday we went with Aunt Kit and Steven to buy the girls some new school shoes. Yes they have shoes, but I always remember having new stuff for the first day of school. Then we took Alexa and got her haircut. All in all I think it was 13" cut off. Afterwards Alexa was a bit upset and said she didn't want it that short because, "Princesses have long hair." But today she seems better with it, and she is happy she can brush it on her own and that there isn't any knots.

Here's a pic with her short hair.

So the girls start school tomorrow, and after school they both have dr. appointments. I'm not looking forward to any of it because my cold seems to be the worst, with a runny/stuffy nose, and a wicked sore throat. On top of that my fairy godmother has granted me a present for the month which I haven't gotten since November, so I am kinda bummed about that. But on a high note, atleast the weather is cooperating and I will be able to send Alexa to school in her "Barbie" skirt - I just hope no little boys check out her undies...

The little women are starting gymnastics again next week, and they assure me that they also want to take ballet.. so we'll see how July goes, hopefully they will adjust to it all and we'll be smooth running (hopefully I'll adjust to it!). Here's another little pic of the kiddo's. Their last day before they become preschoolers!


Adrianne's Three Year Old Art

May I have your attention please...

My children are driving me crazy, nothing unusual there. Ever since we came back from vacation they have been craving every ounce of attention they can get. Which has been combined with the never ending phrase, "mom, watch this!" to which I then have to stop whatever I am doing, go to where they are and watch them do whatever it is that they feel is some amazing task. It could be getting their bicycles stuck on a hill, standing on one foot, or making a strange face in the mirror.

I wish I could just grow an extra set of eyes so they can take me wherever they want without me having to be physically present. Washing dishes, gardening, making the bed, cooking dinner, it is a continual montage of, "watch this.. watch that.. look at me.. look what I can do.. mom did you see that.." My poor senses are overwhelmed at all the different places I have to look and things to see.

And then Adrianne, if I do not look immediately she will repeat herself, over and over.. so I do what any self controlled mother would do, I say, "Please wait a minute while mommy finishes." Then I kid you not, two seconds later she says, "mommy, I can't wait ALL DAY!!"


Financial Woes

I cannot win people.. seriously I think we are in some never ending cycle of bills and crisis. As we all know we are still paying off Julius' medical bills from last summer, which is really taking it's toll on the amount of spending money we have for other things. Then we went on vacation, I don't know how much we spent, but I know since we've been back we have overdrawn our bank account three times (at the tune of $29 each), and one of the medical billing places is sending those awful notes with 'collections' writing in the first sentence.

I guess it's just one of those times when you feel that you cannot run fast enough to keep up with the needs of everyone. I even checked out some stress/time management books from the library. The funny thing is, the books all say to include more time for the things you love... How does that help? I just don't see how that gets anything done. But here I am, "loving" my blogtime. Venting, and wishing I could type ever faster, take a shower, and go to the post office all at the same time. Which leaves me to the reason for the 'collection' letters.. apparently while we were on vacation the postage went up 2-cents, so our bills were returned to us, having never been received by the companies.. Is that my fault? I am not so sure, I could definitely defend it.

So it's a crack down on our finances, which I have been saying for atleast 2 years. We aren't buying anything that we can live without, (however that trip to Carl's Jr. last night that cost $27, well.. we can't live without food... right?) It's just the bare bones of it all. Which I hate. I have never lived a life where I had to think about money. I grew up just putting whatever I wanted into the cart, and never looked at the price tag. Yea, we shopped garage sales, second hand stores, and day old bread.. but still price never occured to me.

So to switch to a price checking, frugal person is so hard. It's one thing to go to the mall and buy only clearance items, but it's another to put a spending limit on the sale amounts.. So yes, I buy items that are marked down, and I buy clearance clothes that will fit the next year, but I've never thought about the TOTAL that I am spending.. In fact I usually just swipe my little plastic card and I have no Clue how much I've actually spent. For example, I went to the gas station the other day, got a full tank of gas, paid the 45-cent pump fee, got my recipt and went on my way.. I don't know how much the gas was, I vaguley remember the price per-gallon was about $2.50-ish.. but I needed gas so it really doesn't matter what the price, I had to have it in order to function.

I'm starting to think that this isn't the way to spend. I just don't know any other ways, so probably 3 hours from know, when this whole 're-awakening' wears off and I see something I need, I'll be flashing my little plastic card and hoping it doesn't say "declined". I just don't know how to re-adjust my thinking. I assume this is similar to dieting, you know it lasts for a few hours and suddenly you find yourself popping something in your mouth that you weren't supposed to have, but it's already in your mouth so you eat it anyway...

I guess I'm just not dealing well with things right now, my phone is out of batteries, I have dishes in the sink, laundry half done, bookkeeping to do, school business, dr's appts, a dining room table that looks like something -or someone- blew up on it, my living room still have 'unpacking' residue, the kids' summer clothes are spiling around their room, their winter clothes in a bin that I can't find the lid to, and my bed is never made... I'm not organized, I spend without thinking about it, and need a vacation from my problems!

Okay, I feel better now, perhaps I should take more time to blog. I'm off to run on the hampster tredmill and hopefully cross more off my 'to-do' list then I add to it.. I'm still working on the same one from before we left.... I hate Mondays.


There's no time, like blog time

So you all may be wondering how we could go half way around the world and not have a thing to post. In all reality we have alot to say, but not the time to say it in. Additionally we mistakenly forgot our camera, so our photos are limited. Here are a few from the first week of our trip, hopefully I will be able to load more soon!

It was Adrianne's first airplane trip and she couldn't have been more excited (or me more anxious). I packed tons of things for the girls to do and snacks. We went first to San Francisco then to Taiwan, then to Manilla, then to Laoag (check out the map). The girls did awesome on the planes and had no problems with the take off/landing. They were entertained the whole time and loved the different airports (espcially the moving walkways!)

Ofcourse they had a hard time adjusting to all the new people, but they started coming around and learning the environment and the different culture (very different).

Here's a video, not the best I ever made, but I am tired of looking at the computer :)