Too Much Information... Period.

Before reading, please take a careful look at the last word in my Title, because that is what this is about...

Did you look at the word? 

If no, please look again.
If yes, proceed with caution.

So here goes..  I don't have a normal 'one'...  which has never bothered me, I mean who would be bothered by only having 2 to 3 of 'those weeks' per year, instead of having 12 of them?  Plus you can really save alot of money when a box of P's or T's last a whole year!  It's like getting a haircut and not having to buy as much shampoo - well not quite the same, but you get the drift.

However, when I was at the doc for my 'annual' well not really annual for me, as I haven't went since I had Adrianne..  but anyway, after much poking and prodding - which I still don't understand why I have to pay someone to do those torcherous things to my innards - the doc said that I should take something to force my body to have a 'cycle'.  I looked at her and said, "Well I produced two kids just fine, with or without regularity.  So I would say that things are working just fine in there."  Or so it would seem.  So I explained to her that the docs don't give you a B/C prescription unless you have an 'annual' so I have not been on B/C since Adrianne. Of course, she gave me a look of pure shock and countered with, "So if you get pregnant, that is okay with you?"  I just rolled my eyes, saying, "It's been five years, and on top of that I GOT pregnant with Adrianne when I was on the pill!"  I don't think she liked my answer.  In my mind it's harder to 'plan' the perfect flower filled pregnancy, why not just let it happen when it happens?  I know others don't share that thought, but after having two unexpected little darlings that I love dearly, I just don't think it would 'ruin' me to have another unexpected snotty-nosed delight drop into my world.

But then the doc explained to me that if the body does not rid itself of these 'toxins' then it could be a pre-curser for cancer...  I'm not sure about the 'fact' of that, but I caved anyway.  And after going through the poking and prodding I guess I might as well take one more pill (along with my others).

Only now four weeks into it... and I am beginning to think I might have made the wrong choice.  The cramps and chocolate cravings, irritability and bloated-ness, are really not putting me in a happy place.  Twelve of these....  one down, 11 more to go.

But I'm supposed to be looking at the 'brighter' side of things!  So here is the bright side: I will not have another doctor look at me with shock, confusion, and disbelief; when I state that it's been nine months since my last cycle..  Bonus :)


Happy Valentine's Day Mommy

Yesterday while at school Adrianne made this cute little Valentine bag for me, I asked her why it was empty and she said because it was for a present at home..

So imagine my surprise when I headed to bed and found it sitting right under my bedside lamp..  I thought, "Wow, how thoughtful of her to surprise me like that.  What a sweet little darling angel."

Then I looked inside and had a mixed reaction, I was both glad that she was so thoughtful.. and sad that this is where here thinking led...

Here is the bag she made:

This is what I saw inside:

A closer look..

Yup, that is my gift...  one of my prescriptions (which I take in the morning, hence why it sits on my nightstand) and a pair of earplugs that I wear to bed so I can sleep without being awoken by every bump in the night.

The doctor today said I should think about the 'brighter' side of things.... so I guess all I have to say is that I DO always tell her that these medicines will make mommy feel better.  And thankfully I think they are working because I do see how this could have been a depressing V-day gift, but on the other hand it's really thoughtful - especially for a 5 year old.