Cabin Fever!!

Okay, I know we all love the snow here in the PNW but really, it's getting old. We have been stuck in the house for three days now and I would just like to go shopping!! It's Christmas and I should be out with the crowds, spending money, and boosting the economy! But I supposed some good has came from this.. first I finished my Christmas cards (although no stamps so I cannot send them!), second I read two books, and third I had time to put together this little slideshow...

Today there has been 2 more inches of snow on top of the extreme 1/2 inch thick slab of ice that is covering everything. The snow is super powder and not moist enough to build a snowman.. But we are in the process of making an igloo. What crazy weather, and although I love the snow, I would really like to see atleast some of it melting away... I mean, Christmas Eve is only two days away and that is alot of snow to clear off..

In addition to that, we are getting bad cabin fever.. When the snow plow passes we all race to the window to watch, and if we miss it, it's as if our whole day is ruined... -pretty bad huh-


What's Been Keeping Us Busy

Adrianne has been enjoying her gymnastics. Unlike Alexa, she is thriving and loves to jump, hop, run, and do crazy things. She had her second time on the balance beam and she did very well. She even jumped off into the foam blocks (after a few pushes from dad). A friend of ours gave us a few gymnastic outfits, doesn't she look cute!

Here is Alexa, on our way to gymnastics, she wanted to play peek-a-boo with the camera, so I took these shots.

While it's been chilly, it sure has been sunny. I have been awakened by Alexa saying, "Mom, it's sunny outside! Hot enough for pretty dress!" So here she is in her pretty dress, playing hopscotch that I made for her in the driveway. It's still there today and I can see she can't wait to get out there and hop around again.