It's Almost Halloween!

Today the kiddos do not have school, although Julius woke them up early to go to school (he didn't know it wasn't a school day - however its so quiet that I think they went back to sleep!)  So it's nearly Halloween, and we are spending the day cleaning up and hanging our Halloween deco (and studying, as always).  We have been super busy, we went to Sutherlin, OR for a triathlon, and the girls and I did the 5k walk (very slow walk), while Julius did the duathalon (he even won 1st place for his age group - however he was the only one in his age group, haha!  He actually finished last and fell off his bike twice, but let's not dwell on that part!)

And while we were down there we decided to go to the Wildlife Safari, the kiddos really liked that, and we had a good time driving through, oh and we rode the camel, my favorite part!

 Gotta love those cut-outs!

And who can have such a nice weekend without getting some camping in!  (You know how much I LOVE camping.. not!)  Dispite my general dislike for roughing it, J did pick a nice spot with clean potties, and he bought us a new tent and got me an airbed..  which really added to my happiness!  I may actually want to do it again next year - once a year is enough... however, the airbed has been put to use many times for movie night in the living room :)

And then we had the Sausage Fest, who could miss that?  It's a good way to spend alot of money for a little bit of stuff.. but the kids had fun!

Then Alexa has had her Girl Scout troop to keep her busy.  A while back she went to GS after dark and had a great time with all her friends.

The girl next to her with the curly red hair is her BFF, they are too cute together.

And we went to the zoo the weekend before last, we woke up and it was sunny so we thought it would be a nice day to go.. However everyone in the great northwest also thought it would be a good day to go, and it was member appreciation day so it was PACKED, it took us 45 mins just to get on the shuttle because the line was SO long.  But we had fun once we got there!


They have also been having their last classes of gymnastics, which is sad and happy at the same time.  We're sad because they finally have a coach that they like (they've had good ones before but they really had some bad ones over the summer!) and their class is just the two of them, so it's like a private class - they really like that.  However we just don't have the time, or money, to keep up with their tuition hikes.  So they have chosen to try Ballet for the next couple of months, and if they like after the new year they can go back to gymnastics.

Adrianne has been doing good in preschool, she's still a little clingy sometimes in the morning but that is mostly on the days when she, "want's mother" who is her other mother..  don't ask me who it is, I have no idea, but she's been talking about her since she was two..

We've also been trying to keep up with the MOMS Club, although it's difficult sometimes due to scheduling or exams.  But I started on my harvest craft (yes I know, it's almost time to hang it already).  Adrianne and I have also been trying to get in to the playgroup routine, that is not easy either.  It seems she is just so used to playing with Alexa that she hasn't really bonded with the other kids yet, but we've only met a few times.

This weekend is pretty quiet, just studying for my midterm and we have a wedding reception to go to.  Next weekend however is packed to the brim, so I am going to enjoy these next few days before they are gone!  Also coming up is the Ms. Philippines Ball, so you know that means I have to go and buy another dress (to which I've been instructed NO black, only colorful dresses)..  oh dear.  I don't even know where to begin, the dress barn I guess?  (Any suggestions?)

Okay, well I am off to get this day started, I just wanted to update the blog a bit, and put that cute photo of Alexa up..  She was such a cute little girl, she's still cute but sassy sometimes. :)