Busy, and more Busy..

So obviously I have not posted in a very long time. I have seriously just been too busy. I have four classes this semester and it's proven to be a struggle. I am studying all the time or reading my history books. And with all the work I've been putting in I am still not doing very well. We're at the half point mark and I need to get my act together. It's just I have so many other things to do as well.

Okay that's all for my pity party :) This past weekend we went to the Mrs. Philippines Coronation Ball, where our very own Lourdes won! We all had a good time and enjoyed doing our parts for the ball. Ofcourse I forgot the camera so I don't have my own photos.

It seems every weekend is filled with things to do, we spent some time at Saturday market, and Julius has been helping my aunt move wood for the winter. And Julius has also decided to re-do the shelves in the garage, so he's been busy cutting and nailing in there.

The girls are doing better in school, we changed Adrianne schedule a little because she's been having a hard time with P.E. (and who could blame her!) her preschool has P.E. at 9:30am, which is so early, especially for us. And usually by the time I drop off Alexa we would get to Adrianne's school when P.E. is starting, so the teachers and I decided to drop Adrianne off first at 8:50, and then I take Alexa to school. I think this has worked out better, atleast Adrianne has a few minutes of 'awake time' before she has to run around and follow directions. (it helps even more if we can get her in bed before 9pm, which is NOT easy for us).

We have Alexa's parent-teacher conference next week, I am glad to see what she's been working on at school. At home I have her learning her sight words and reading repetitive stories, I can't help but feel guilty knowing that if I didn't have school she would probably be reading already... I just don't have the time to spend with her.

Adrianne has a pumpkin patch trip this Thursday, they said it's rain or shine - so let's hope for shine. I am going to join her, hopefully she will make more friends this way. She is the youngest in her class and I think she is shy to talk to the other kids, they try to help her out though.

Okay I need to get to studying, I have a test next week and I need to ace it, because I failed the first one.. The pressure is on!


I lost another one of my "nine lives"

You know how sometimes you get the poop shocked out of you until you feel like you could have severely lost something or someone special in a flash. Sort of like when you see a car accident happen right in front of you, or your child is dangling from the top of a play structure.. Yea those moments.

Well I spent much of my Friday reading this Blog it's somewhat of a sad blog, but to sum it up in an over simplified and unjust way, it's about a child who chokes on something and becomes brain damaged forever. It was heartbreaking to read.

So last night after dinner, Julius and I are talking about something and the girls are playing in the living room area. Then I hear Adrianne start coughing, which I don't really think anything of because she can really hack up a lung and she's been a bit nasal-y recently. So I say, "Adrianne are you okay?" and there is no answer. Then I see Alexa standing there holding the end of a robe tie, and I stand up and see Adrianne clawing at her neck. Yes her whole life flashed before my eyes.

Thank goodness she got it off before I even reached her, she was coughing and crying and Alexa doesn't really know what is going on. Poor Adrianne, her neck was so red and her cheeks were red, she just kept saying, "Sissy put it too tight.."

And for all my rage I was controlled and did not beat Alexa senseless.. as yes I know, she's little and she didn't know what could happen. But we had a stern talk and they both know the reason that we DO NOT put things around our necks..

I don't know what it is about Adrianne but honestly she has had so many brushes with danger, I don't know how that kid survives.. a couple days ago she fell down the stairs, well she tripped about half way down, did the splits for 3 stairs then toppled over on her head and caught herself with her arms (thank god for those gymnastics lessons!). I saw it all and she looked up and me and said, "mom, I'm stuck!" -she will be driving me to an early grave, seriously.-