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With all the computer work I did during my last week of school I decided to take a break from the ol' keyboard and opt for reading books and watching movies with the little ladies. We even got our sleeping bags and slept in the living room for a few nights. Here is a quick recap of our holiday..
Family Photo 2009

Adrianne's Preschool Creations
First we bundled up to select the perfect Christmas tree.

After nearly an hour of wondering around the tree lot and arguing over how big the tree should be, we made our final selection, a fraiser fir about 6 ft. tall. Then our truck wouldn't start and we had to jump it (but we'll erase that little glitch from our memories). Alexa fed her first goat, she has always been afraid of feeding any animal but I gave her my glove so he wouldn't touch her hand; with strict instructions not to let the goat eat my good glove! Quite a feat for her, and it shows just how much she is growing and learning to take risks.

Adrianne picked her favorite Christmas tree.

On Christmas Eve my mom and the girls got out the Gingerbread house and decorated it to perfection. One of the best houses yet, and it is personalized with the half-moon window, sliding glass door, and girls' room window from our house.

Alexa's half.

Adrianne's half.
For our Christmas eve celebration we went to my Aunt Judy's house. There was ham and tons of desserts (oh yea, we made 5 different kinds of cookies, don't know why I didn't take a photo of them.. Also accidentally burned Alexa with the cookie sheet!) Christmas eve is the one time a year when we see most of the family/extended family. It was nice to see everyone, and I am glad we were all a part of it and healthy. The girls were scared of the uncles, as usual. They would not talk to or sit next to any of them. However after much convincing Alexa began playing with Uncle Pete, who is known to all the kids as "the mean one". As the night wore on both Adrianne and Alexa were playing with him and even sat on his lap! What a shocker, I was just amazed and again realized the many changes that are taking place with Alexa.

Alexa with Uncle Pete.

Adrianne with Uncle Pete.

Ofcourse this year didn't pass without the much needed matching outfit photos, I got these from JC Penny's, not the dress I wanted but they didn't have it so I went for the sophisticated look.

Alexa 2009

Adrianne 2009

Isn't this cute!

A couple more random assortment of Christmas eve photos.

When we got home from Christmas eve we put out some water and cookies for santa as well as a bowl of water for the reindeer. Adrianne was surprisingly more interested in placing everything out for Santa, we even opened the doors to our fire place so the big man could get in.

Christmas morning the girls woke and said to me, "MOM, Mom, santa brought the huge-est house!" The best gift from santa.

Adrianne was shocked to see that Santa drank all the water and ate the cookies! He even left her a dollar and a note telling her thanks for the cookies and the reindeer's water (boy we're they thirsty!) It was super cute to watch her, she was just in awe.. I loved it.

We let them open a few presents and they got to open some more after the aunts came.

We finished off Christmas day with a wonderful dinner and more presents, and the kiddos stayed up late into the night playing with their princess barbies and their huge house. What an awesome Christmas! :)


The ghost of Christmas Past

Well I was trying to go through and find a photo of the girls from each Christmas but unfortunately as I have mentioned before my cataloging skills are not very good. I have some photos here, and some there.. some use dates as the file name while others I have named, making it even harder to remember which year is which... But I did come up with these gems.

This is Alexa, her first Christmas, 2004

This is Alexa's 2nd Christmas, 2005

This is Alexa's 3rd Christmas, 2006

Here is Adrianne at her first Christmas, 2006

These are the two of them in their holiday dresses, 2006

And this little cutie is Adrianne's first birthday photo, 1.3.2007

I have dug up so many cute photos.. We have a ton of Alexa pictures but I was unable to find many of Adrianne.. Here are some of my favorites: (the first 6 are Alexa)


Yumm, candy!

Today the girls and I braved the frozen car and went to Adrianne's preschool to make some mini gingerbread houses. They had so much fun once they got the hang of it. Their creations are too cute and I mostly let them do what they wanted (no controlling mom wanting to make the perfect house!) Once the houses were done we came home and ofcourse Adrianne wanted to eat hers so I let them both have a few pieces (although I know from the amount missing that Adrianne went WAY beyond her rationed five pieces!)


One of those days

Ever have one of those days when you're not feeling well and it seems as if you kids somehow sense weak blood and target you with every chance to whine/complain or just plain throw a fit. I am having one of those days. One child is throwing a fit because she doesn't want to get dressed and the other is crying because the first childs crying is hurting her ears. And I am super fed up with it all! I don't feel well and I don't have the energy to even care. It's just going to be a long day, alot of time outs, and a whole lot of angry mommy.


My brain is exhausted

I think I did pretty good on the test, despite a couple that I didn't know if I got right or not. For the most part I felt I knew what I was doing. Now for the test tomorrow, all I can say is thank goodness for the one page of notes, or I probably could not make it through. I still do not understand throughput contributions, no matter how many times I read the 2 pages relating to it. I will just have to wing it and thank goodness that a: it is multiple guess, and b: my grade is not on the line!! I already have an A, so even if I bomb it, it won't be detrimental in the long run.. I am off to bed, I deserve some rest and I think my brain is needing a break..