Crazy Days

So it's late and I am tired but I feel I should write something anyway. You know I used to be one of those people who kept a journal nightly, just to rid myself of any unwanted drama. But like most of you, I no longer have the time.

Today was busy, I got my first half of my mid-term done and I was pretty darn proud of myself for all the definition memorizing that I did last night while I should have been reading my Obama book. For the test was not too bad, I knew most of the definitions, only too bad that most of them were not on the test. We had about 150 definitions to study and only 30 on the test.. oh well. The teacher curves all the tests so I am not worried about the 5 or 6 that I know were wrong.

In another class we have a group project where we have decided to do the marketing concepts of Pepsi. Seems like a big task to me, I wanted to do C-Tran because it is small and local.. but have no worries we have one member of our group who knows Exactly what to do and where to look. Great.

I got the girls their passports (I think that was in my last blog), but however I somehow forgot to take my birth certificate, and ended up with two of Alexa's instead. So I have to go back and get mine done, probably tomorrow. Julius bought the tickets today, so we are a go! He keeps telling me about the times, what time the plane is leaving, what time we should be to the airport... I told him I just want to take it one hour at a time and not stress about it. The airplane will be a "double decker" from what Julius said, and I cannot believe it can fly.. That is just beyond the science of gravity.... really, it's like a torpedo just waiting to crash into the ocean (repeats to self: only one hour at a time..) We will survive and we will enjoy it...

My kitty has officially been attacked by three of the areas boy cats (and by 'attacked'.. well you know what I mean). Julius was kind enough to take some photos so that I could be certain that we need to have her fixed ASAP! Before we have orange, black, and grey speckled kittens running around.

Okay I better go, it's getting late and I am paying bills and doing laundry so I should finish what I an doing before I forget. All else is well, I have three tests next week.... but I won't think about that until it's absolutly the last minute possible. :)


Screw it..

We have had a busy day, starting with MC this morning, then off to Coffee Lounge, then to the post office to have our passports done.. So I decided to indulge the girls in yet another Happy Meal. I ordered the kids their usual but today I decided to get them chocolate milk. Now the choco-milk is a rare treat and they wanted to 'hold' them during the 7 block ride home. No problem. Then I hear them in the back seat saying, "screw it, screw it..." over and over, and I didn't want to call attention to it because of the whole 'don't mention it unless you want it repeated' thing. So casually at an unacceptably long stop light I decide to look back and figure out just what they are doing to cause such language..

And I find them both, screwing and unscrewing their milk lids...

Not as bad as I thought, but I am sure either Handy Manny or the Imagination Movers had something to do with choosing the term. To which I wonder why they couldn't have used another term, say maybe 'turn it' or 'twist it'.. not 'screw it' - which is now being repeated over and over again. And sure to be said at the most inopportune time causing me much bitter embarrassment and the need to explain.


Blast from the past

Okay people, it's so strange to see these hit the market again. These "shutter shades" were the last thing I thought I would see on my last trip to Claire's. But there they were in all their goddy, loud, obnoxious color.

So here it is people, what have you seen 're-energized' from your past? And what will they come up with next, "Hammer Pants"?


I am AVOIDING your calls...

I have done everything I can to avoid my brothers calls. They have called atleast 4 times today and I have repeatedly done anything to not answer. And all was going well until Julius came home and he is such a good-deed-do-er that he cannot let the phone ring and ignore it...

So now I am watching the baby until tomorrow so my brother and his GF can go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. I don't think dinner lasts all night, but whatever.

I know, don't be bitter. We can't all be as sainted as I am.

For us we will be having dinner together as a FAMILY for Valentine's Day, which I like the idea even more because we never go anywhere as a family now that I started school.

Well, I'm probably tired and grouchy and we haven't had dinner yet so I guess I better prod Julius into cooking...


A day to get things done..

So it's Friday, and I have squandered away the week. Well, actually I've just been really busy and Julius has had clients over in the evenings so that means we have to keep the house tidy.

Yesterday we went to Walmart and Safeway and when I got home I somehow decided it would be a good time to re-arrange our "pantry" section of our kitchen (it's just shelving so it's always visible and looked pretty terrible). I didn't get finished so I have to complete it today. It looks much better and I like the way things are grouped. With me going to school during the day I actually try to make dinner and some times I cannot find what I want so I thought it was a good time to take inventory. A mental inventory.

Today I have decided to clean the bathrooms, not a hard task, just a daunting one. It's one of those things that no one really 'wants' to do, but it looks so much nicer when it's done.

I am currently reading Obamas book Dreams from my Father. I have found a spelling error. It's still grating on my nerves, I asked Julius if I should email the publisher before they print anymore.. it's just really bothering me.

The girls are doing great in their gymnastics. I am glad to say they've had the same group of kids for the last few weeks. And they really like Miss. Liz their teacher. They actually go to her without ever giving me a second glance, I LOVE IT! Now the girls are saying they would like to try ballet, which they also offer at the gymnastics place. I haven't decided if I should put them in two classes at once or not, I was thinking to wait until I finish school and then put them in both classes when we have more time. (plus I already paid for next months gymnastics)

Oh, here's a story.. We went yesterday to get gas. It's funny I always take my girls with me when I get gas, the reason being that if something happens to me, like I get mugged or stolen.. Then hopefully someone will find my girls and know to look for me. Anyhow, so I pumped my gas which has taken a while to get used to as I only just started getting my own gas as of recently. And as I was returning for a reciept another lady got in front of me, so I gave her some space (as I hate when people hover over me while I am punching in my PIN number). So I notice she is trying to push something farther into the money slot, and thinking she just had a fiesty dollar bill I thought nothing of it. Until she turned around and said, "I think it just ate my card." Oh dear, she JAMMED her credit card into the money slot. *shakes head, and sighs* So being the upstanding citizen that I am, I stand there while she goes inside to get something to pull it out with. She comes out with a regular set of pliers (I don't see how that was going to help as you could barely even see the card). So we try the pliers then we try a hair pin, and car keys. Then while she is searching for something else to jam in there I decide it's all or nothing and push her card to the side which allowed a tiny corner to pop out and I was able to grab it with the pliers. She was ever so greatful and I walked her through the process of putting her card in the proper slot.

My good deed for the day.

Gotta go, the bathroom is screaming to be cleaned :)


KATU Everyday Hero

I just got an email with this clip from KATU, I don't usually watch the news but Jamie Lim is a great person for them to do on the Everyday Hero section. Check it out, he is the head of alot of Filipino events and a very down to earth and happy person.

It's February..

Today was a beautiful day, but I had so much to do that I really didn't get the time to enjoy it. I did however take some time outside with the girls (while I did homework). They bicycled and played in the dirt. We even brought the kitty in for a little while to get her adjusted to being indoors. Then I was exhausted and although I didn't have the time, I took a nap. I decided any additional studying would be useless as the level of absorption was down to below zero. So the girls and I all got on the couch and took a rest.

And despite not having the time to rest I felt so much better when we woke up that I really didn't care that the meatloaf didn't get made, or the the house was not vacuumed.

Tomorrow is a busy day for us, as Wednesday always is (hence why we usually take Thursday and kick back). I have class, then a group meeting, then the girls have gymnastics and Julius has a client coming over. It's a pretty full day with alot of time juggling and somewhere in there I have to make the house presentable for Julius' client.

I still need to do the bookkeeping but I suppose that can wait until Thursday or Friday without too much retribution. And Julius is working on Saturday, and I have a meeting and the girls have a class.. Here's to busy weeks of fun filled hours! Welcome tax season.