Wednesday is the new Monday..

Ugh, it's like a bad Monday around here. I went to my aunts house to say hello, but no one was home.. Then I remembered they were taking my grandma to a hair appointment. So I thought I would take a more current photo of their remodel, and I realized I forgot my phone.. So I wrote a note so they would know I was there, then some J witnesses came to the door so I took their flier in. And then I picked up my purse, set the lock on the door and went out. Usually we lock the dead bolt from outside, at which point I realized I left my keys inside! So the door is locked and I'm standing out in the rain.. That's okay I'll just go home and they'll realize I forgot to lock the door. No big deal. Only then I realize I left my keys inside, how will I drive home?!? So I decide to call J and ask him to please come get me... But I Forgot my phone! So no phone, no keys... Panic begins setting in.. I run like a crazy person down the road to catch up with the quick moving J witnesses and try to explain that I have no keys and no phone... I try to gather my thoughts and breathe, and ask if one of them has a cell phone I could use to call my dear hubby to come rescue me. One of them says of course and dear hubby rescues me.. Thank goodness because I was ready to loose it.

Wednesday needs a do over.


My Birthday!

So this year was my big three-oh day, and because my birthday is in the midst of tax season I always get the short end of the stick. However my mom, Aunt, and the kids did surprise me with flowers and a fancy cake :)

Julius took my watch (the first gift he ever gave me) and had it cleaned and a new battery put in, isn't that thoughtful! But I was cleaning the kitchen one day and I saw it, so I got my gift a bit early :) I'm sneaky like that.

My brother also sent me a gift, which is amazing because last year he forgot my birthday entirely even though he called me on my birthday he still did not remember! So this year he tried to set his birthday karma in the right position and he mailed me a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts.. That was really special, generally a phone call or maybe a card is all I receive so to get a gift in the mail was super special.

Plus I got an awesome card from the MOMS Club, which was so sweet.. I even saved it and opened it on my real birthday. And Ms. Melanie came and gave me a card with a gift card to the best digi-scrappin store ever!

Not to miss all the birthday greetings on Facebook which I probably never said thank you for. I never quite know how to handle those digital conversations..

All in all it was an awesome birthday, especially since I got to keep telling the kids, "Nope, no whining because it's my birthday and I said so!" And I got to have my nails done, and then we went out to The Rock for dinner.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday goodies and the heartfelt wishes! You all made the day special.

And here are some photos of the big day, the Blogger uploader doesn't let me turn them so they are going the wrong way again... Maybe they will upgrade that if I complain.. :)