The Long and Short of it all..

Did you know that when you hair is really long you start finding it EVERYWHERE...  seriously, like strands attached/embedded in just washed clothes, strands wrapped around your toes in the shower, you literally have hair everywhere and you're constantly plucking it off either your own clothes or someone elses in the house.  But there is a good reason to have long hair too, for one it's pretty much blow-dry and go, no styling required (although hitting it with a hot iron really does control the frizzies).  Another good reason to grow out your hair is the ability to donate it to others who are unable to grow hair for one reason or another.  So that is what I do, every 3 to 4 years I grow my hair until it is unbearably long, then chop it off and donate it.  It's something that I feel is simple enough to do, doesn't take much work/money on my part, and I can do it relatively quickly.  So without further ado..  Here are the before photos..

Look at all that long sleek hair...

Pay no attention to those unsightly back rolls, I have been battling those since I was a teen!
Stay focused on the hair, all colorful with shades of brown, gold, and reddish (I have an AWESOME stylist who takes her time weaving each of those strands so the color is very integrated)

 Here I am again, showing off the shine power of super straight hair!

And here I am at the salon, with the tiny, itty-bitty fish-tail that was my hair (I don't have much of it!)

 And after the cut, here is the front.

Here is the back, I think this is the first time I have ever seen my neck (you know besides when I had a pony tail)..  And I must say, it is quite drafty back there!
I love the layers, and how nice the coloring looks (same color as before, we didn't update the color yet.  But you can see it more now because you can see the natural hair underneath)

So there you have it, all cut and dried.  I go in again in early July to put the dark back in and do streaks of blond/red.  It's so much easier to dry now, and it takes like 1/10th of the hair products I was using before.  I love it :)


Going to the school..

*You must sing the title to the tune on the Great Wolf Lodge commercials..  you know the one right?  Going to the school.... great, fun, school..*

Anyhow, it's Monday and that is my day to go to the school and give miss A. her lunchtime shot.  (I also do Fridays).  It's the schedule that we were able to work out with the nurse after our last minute diagnosis.  Here's hoping that next year will be mommy free, which I think it will be since she is already giving herself the shots in her tummy - now just to teach her how to count carbs and divide by her dose (maybe I could pre-program a calculator or something, OMG I think I just invented something new!!  A device where you could program in your dose and then tell it how many carbs/blood sugar level and it would automatically calculate out your insulin dose..  Am I a genius or what?!)

As for me, I've been busy volunteering.  Nothing new there, I know.  I put together all the promotional fliers/posters and made the tickets for the upcoming University of the Philippines Concert Chorus concert that the fil-am is hosting this July 7th.  It all looks great, even if I am a little biased.  Then I am working with next years PTO to put together a functional handbook that can be passed from year to year (and also some tips and tricks for the incoming treasurer, if I ever decide that I need a real job).  And lastly I have been coming up with some back to school promotional fliers for our big BBQ event (and trying to find donations.. well sort of slacking on this one).  OH AND I've been doing rehearsals for the upcoming fashion show at the Barong and Terno Ball this June 9th.

I told J not to let me sign us up for anything else.  We need a break from all this business.  I did finally get my actual Paid work done, yay!  But considering that I have $2500 in dr. bills from my endoscopy in February, and miss A went to the dr., then emergency room, then ambulance ride to hospital, then one night at the brand new Randall Childrens Hospital...  I don't think I made enough to pay for even 1/16 of that.  (The ambulance was $750, which reminds me I have to call them today and beg for mercy.)

I cannot believe how much everything is costing, that doesn't include miss A's prescriptions which were over $1000 just to get us started.  Needless to say, I am searching (in my free time) for a better insurance coverage, and trying to somehow find money for our house payment and other regular bills.  If ever there was a time to cut corners, I think we've hit it.

So add all that and my stress level us just skyrocketing, I was nauseated all weekend (not what you're thinking, however I suspected that as a possibility too) but it turned out to be a stomach bug and Adrianne got it late Saturday evening.  At this point I am just trying to keep my head above water and take things one at a time.  (And don't get me started on my student loan repayment which is coming up in July.. eeeek!)

Yes, I know, I need a job and I need it now.  I may actually get serious and start looking/applying but then comes the whole 'what do I do with my kids' question.  It's a tough line to walk on.

Anyhow I better get back to 'work' and mark a few more items off my to-do list.  Still not feeling quite up to par but I am functioning :)  Oh and my grandma is also doing much better, my Aunt and Mom are still staying with her 24/7 but they said she is getting around better with her walker.  Thanks for all the good thoughts that were sent to us during May, is it too much to ask to keep them coming for June?  Heaven forbid anything else occurs, I don't think our wallets/psyche can handle much more.