ahh.. the smell of Christmas

So I haven't been a total stick in the mud, we did take a rainy afternoon and hunt down the perfect Christmas tree.  All boots and umbrellas but a good time was had by all.  We went to the usual spot of Thortons, which we've been going to for years and years.  It's not a bad lot, but it sure was busy the day we went and it was all I could do to find parking!  The girls had fun looking at all the "baby" trees and Mr. J was glad it didn't take us all day to pick one (he actually insisted on getting the first one we saw, as I like to wonder for atleast another hour and then come back to the first one..  he's starting to know me too well!)

 And Alexa had a special day at school, she got to do some special holiday activities and came home with a gingerbread house, un-decorated and falling apart..  After two mental breakdowns because the roof would not stay on and the candies weren't sticking the way she wanted, I caved in and decided to help (isn't that the motherly thing to do!)  So I globbed on the frosting, and put some in a ziploc so we could get those candies to stick on properly.  After placing EVERY candy on the tiny house, this is what she came up with.

Not bad, and she seemed to have a really good time decorating it.  Sometimes I have to remember that she's only 6.. and she really does need help.


It's that time again..

You know that time, the time when the holidays roll around and everything seems rushed.  I just want to sit around and read a book, relax, and do nothing..  but there are parties, and commitments and playdates.  There are decorations, baking, cleaning, and laundry (always laundry).  It can be so overwhelming, and I am totally feeling it.  I'm not trying to complain, although I probably will be by the time I am done writing this, it just seems that I cannot catch a break.

Luckily I did all of my holiday shopping (right after Thanksgiving) because I knew I would be stressing out when the big day got closer.  And I've decided to limit our decorations this year because it's just too much to put it up and take it back down again..  But now that I am on break I see my list of things I WANT to get done is really crazy long.  I have really set the bar too high and it's overwhelming.

One child got to see Santa yesterday, but the other is yet to go..  I need to work that into the mix.  And we have a gingerbread house that needs to be made, and some Christmas gifts that need to be made.. oh and the Christmas cards that need to be written.  And I have work to do.  I keep telling myself that I can do all of that in one day if I just do it and get it done with...  but maybe that is even too much for a day.

Oh, well.  I guess I just have to let go of my controlling OCD ways, and just do what I can and try to enjoy it in the process..  Time to find my inner zen.