A long time coming...

So it's been a while hasn't it.  Boy things can really keep me hoppin' these days.  Between the Fil-Am, the PTO, the kids' classrooms, and all the other chores around this place I rarely take time to actually sit in front of the computer anymore and just type.  I just check emails on my phone, check facebook..  This poor computer has been so neglected since J and I got our new phones.

But alas, I find myself sitting here (where I have been sitting much of the entire day) so I thought to myself why not post a little something..

So I finally walked for my graduation that happened in December.  It was nice, a friend of mine convinced me that we should do it together and we did.  I think all in all it was a nice experience and a lot of fun was had.  Here's a photo of me, I'm very far away but it's me :)

On mothers day we went up to my grandma's house to do some yard work.  My aunt bought a new weed whacker so I could take out some of the tall grass.  I was able to get a little done but then my grandma decided to go and break her leg which involved paramedics and a special trip to the hospital in an ambulance.  So mothers day ended up at the hospital, but as of today my grandma is doing good.  The surgery went well and they are hoping to have her in a rehab place by the weekend.

Monday was quite a day, it seems like I had chaos and activity surrounding me from all sides.  But I persevered and got through it.

Tuesday I volunteer in Alexa's classroom, we read about spiders and had some interesting discussion.  Then around dinner time J got stranded in the truck and we had to go rescue him, what an ordeal that was.

Wednesday I got up early and took doughnuts to the hospital for everyone to enjoy, then I was able to sneek in a nap.. along with some laundry.

Today is Thursday and it has been a busy day, all the to-do items that didn't get to-done early in the week are now frantically being done.  I had an application to fax in hopes that I can get some financial assistance for my endoscopy bill, and I had to create the tickets for the UPCC concert that is coming up, then print out all the forms for the PTO that the principal asked about...  Now I need to update the FAACCV website and print some photos to send to my brother with his (Christmas) Birthday gift!

The girls are doing good, I have a dr appointment for Alexa tomorrow because she has been drinking water like a dehydrated camel.  So I just want to get that checked out and make sure she is A-okay.  They have also been taking zumba classes again, at the last one they were really getting into it.

J has been building the girls a bigger swing set, we decided that the first one he built wasn't stable/big enough for them.  This one is quite a bit bigger.  We've also spent time gardening and planting all of our vegis for the summer.  And I of course have been tending to the flowers, lots of flowers.

Well I guess that is enough for now.. here's some photos we took at the tulip festival when we went on J's first day off after tax season.  April 18th

Oh and here's the girls with the teacher appreciation gifts..  The sun is in their eyes so they look terrible but we were running late so I just snapped what I could!


Keri Crimmins said...

The tulip farm looked fun. Hope you don't stretch yourself too thin. Remember to take time for yourself. If mom breaks, who will take care of everyone?

Sheri said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!