Wednesday is the new Monday..

Ugh, it's like a bad Monday around here. I went to my aunts house to say hello, but no one was home.. Then I remembered they were taking my grandma to a hair appointment. So I thought I would take a more current photo of their remodel, and I realized I forgot my phone.. So I wrote a note so they would know I was there, then some J witnesses came to the door so I took their flier in. And then I picked up my purse, set the lock on the door and went out. Usually we lock the dead bolt from outside, at which point I realized I left my keys inside! So the door is locked and I'm standing out in the rain.. That's okay I'll just go home and they'll realize I forgot to lock the door. No big deal. Only then I realize I left my keys inside, how will I drive home?!? So I decide to call J and ask him to please come get me... But I Forgot my phone! So no phone, no keys... Panic begins setting in.. I run like a crazy person down the road to catch up with the quick moving J witnesses and try to explain that I have no keys and no phone... I try to gather my thoughts and breathe, and ask if one of them has a cell phone I could use to call my dear hubby to come rescue me. One of them says of course and dear hubby rescues me.. Thank goodness because I was ready to loose it.

Wednesday needs a do over.

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