The Long and Short of it all..

Did you know that when you hair is really long you start finding it EVERYWHERE...  seriously, like strands attached/embedded in just washed clothes, strands wrapped around your toes in the shower, you literally have hair everywhere and you're constantly plucking it off either your own clothes or someone elses in the house.  But there is a good reason to have long hair too, for one it's pretty much blow-dry and go, no styling required (although hitting it with a hot iron really does control the frizzies).  Another good reason to grow out your hair is the ability to donate it to others who are unable to grow hair for one reason or another.  So that is what I do, every 3 to 4 years I grow my hair until it is unbearably long, then chop it off and donate it.  It's something that I feel is simple enough to do, doesn't take much work/money on my part, and I can do it relatively quickly.  So without further ado..  Here are the before photos..

Look at all that long sleek hair...

Pay no attention to those unsightly back rolls, I have been battling those since I was a teen!
Stay focused on the hair, all colorful with shades of brown, gold, and reddish (I have an AWESOME stylist who takes her time weaving each of those strands so the color is very integrated)

 Here I am again, showing off the shine power of super straight hair!

And here I am at the salon, with the tiny, itty-bitty fish-tail that was my hair (I don't have much of it!)

 And after the cut, here is the front.

Here is the back, I think this is the first time I have ever seen my neck (you know besides when I had a pony tail)..  And I must say, it is quite drafty back there!
I love the layers, and how nice the coloring looks (same color as before, we didn't update the color yet.  But you can see it more now because you can see the natural hair underneath)

So there you have it, all cut and dried.  I go in again in early July to put the dark back in and do streaks of blond/red.  It's so much easier to dry now, and it takes like 1/10th of the hair products I was using before.  I love it :)


Shawna said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I love it Lielanie!!! So so cute - and I love that you do this every 3/4 years! How did I not know that!

Julie said...

Such a cute cut on you!!